Challenge League: Illustrated scene between Aura and Winti


FC Aarau and FC Winterthur visit the 29th League League Challenge with a night night game on Friday.

Aarau – Winterthur 2: 2
The duel has the role of the duo of the Challenge Challenge! Invalid punishment, the creation of packets, aims, alman's aims, hourly starry, yellow-haired and compensation for injury during: all in the Brügglifeld (3981 supporters).

In a twist: In the 42nd minute, the household team do not have a clear penalty after Lekaj Tasar in the box is completely gone. Shortly afterwards, the players will go to the neck. After the broke, Brodelts are bigger, because suddenly the goals are falling. Aarau appears twice, Winti gives the answer.

Of particular note is the Sliskovics 1: 1 in the 64 minutes of Schlenzer from outside the box. After another man was halved, Cavar after a decision on injury, the visitors almost missed his goal – the ball hitting his goal. the bar in the sky the night of Aarauer.

The game will be live later. The defender Aarau, Leo, looks red. And both teams will try to get everything back to reduce the second gap to Lusanne. In the end Aarau and Winti are sharing their points after an attractive duel. (Str)

The gates: 46. ​​Maierhofer 1: 0, 64. Sliskovic 1: 1, 77. Karanovic 2: 1, 91. Cavar 2: 2.


Lausanne – Wil 5f

Schaffhausen – Rapperswil-Jona 5.30pm

On Sunday

Vaduz – Kriens 4:00 f

Servette – Chiasso 4:00 f

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