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Claude Nicollier advises Viola Amherd to buy a ship's shipping

The Minister of Defense, Viola Amherd, gives the following wonder: She has asked the same Swiss, once in the room, for her opinion on her; buy shipping.

Beyond he came to Switzerland so long! Is that the reason why Viola Amherd's Federalist Councilor (56) helped the old Claude Nicollier (74) claimant? Because Amherd has commissioned the Astrophysicist Vaud to make a second idea for Kampfjetkauf.

Because CVP-Amherd's wife was on her; pack ready-to-pan, which had previously played Guy Parmelin (59, SVP), at his & # 39; first time as Minister of Defense, again resolved. Before giving up a job for the purchase of new shipping jets and ground-based machinery for the Formal Council, she wants to comment on herself.

«It is well connected»

You should now help Nicollier. By the end of April, it will be a & # 39; submitting to the VBS head of independent analysis "to provide the necessary means of protecting the population from air risks," as the Department of Defense writes.

Based on this report, Fraser Fraser decided to buy a new venture jets and firearms for 8 male males. In consultation, the plans had been abused.

Nicollier is always qualified: he was not alone in the room; , but until 2004 he was also a military militia pilot. However, he never traveled F / A-18. For F5E-Tiger, the jet that also uses Patrol Suisse. "And there's a great connection across the country on the way," said VBS spokesman Renato Kalbermatten.

Central Federal Council Conference

Viola Amherd wants to increase for 2 billion

Over 1000 hours in orbit

Born in Vevey in 1944, Nicollier worked as an astrophysicist after studying geography in Lausanne and astrophysics in Geneva. He also trained as a military pilot, a line and a test.

In 1978 he was elected for his first astonauta group of the European Fire Brigade (ESA). As part of the agreement between ESA and NASA's NAS specialization group, he was trained at the Space Johnson Center in Houston, Texas, on the "Space Shuttle" passageway in the American state. After several years in Houston, he participated in four spatial ventures between 1992 and 1999, which cost more than 1000 hours in orbit.

Their first appearance in the space was held between 31 July and 8 August 1992. At that time, Nicollier circulated 136 hours aboard the Atlantis Space Shuttle as part of the STS-46 mission in eight A 136-day day, featuring Swiss Formal Council Adolf Ogi (76) on August 7, with his current reception, congratulations to Monsieur Nicollier.

He gives his fee

On his final mission, Nicollier stopped repairing Hubble Space telescope for more than 8 hours outside the sparrows. Today he is a member of the "Swiss Spanish Center" in Lausanne and professor of the Technical Institute of Scotland in Lausanne. His order for Amherd will be parallel

And even more: As the VBS writes, Nicollier was a supporter of a principal; militia, depending on the citizens who take over public offices and voluntary activities. So, he will pay his fee for a charity charity report to be determined. Maybe you know very well: «Joy a & # 39; happening! »(Sf)

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