Coop launches "Happy Cola" t

Coca-Cola has weakened the bottles to 0.45 liters, but no prices change. It is not a popular attraction. Coop is bigger. The salesman wants to bring in the tax-filled giant from the USA now with his own bag to deceive.

There is a small record in the Trademark Register that Coop wants to go against Coca-Cola in Switzerland. In the background: Coca-Cola introduced lesser bottles (0.45 liters) in Switzerland, but prices have not reduced (BLICK not listed).

This is not suitable for the retailers. Despite the intense negotiations, Coca-Cola is opposed to the previous prices. So the operator Selecta machine has banned some alcoholic drinks from around 8,000 appliances.

In two types and a 0.5 liter bottle

While other vendors work and take Coke's small bottles crudely or up onto the gray market, Coop is now moving – and winning his own mark on the market. the Cola happy. Marking has already been applied for brand-marking.

Drinks on the shelves are classified as "classical" and "zero". And there are 0.5 liter bottles. Coop doesn't lose his bottle. Strip is the retro design of the bottle.

It is a small Swiss producer who made Cola happy, as Coop says. Price: 1.20 francs per bottle. To make a comparison: The standard 0.45-liter bottle of Coca-Cola is available at Coop for CHF 1.35.

Coca-Cola Switzerland didn't intend to comment on the new Coop competition if it were in demand.

From the end of April in shops

Coop is very bad about happy Coll. This shows the fun list. From the end of April, the bottles will be available in the first stores. From the middle of the May shop in all the supermarkets, Coop restaurants and also at the Transgourmet sale.

It is still open as customers look to it. Anyway you want the new cola? However, the price is difficult to dilute if Coll is happy.

Are there any problems with the name?

Coop is not the only company using the name “C“ Happy Cola ”. Haribo is used in the bottles Fashionable fruits and fruits of fruit. So is Coop getting into trouble with lawyers from Haribo? "In principle, we do not mention aspects of trademarks," said Haribo's Blick.

At Coop you think you are on the safe side. “We tried different names and Happy Cola was just about. Indeed, we have previously clarified possible use of the name and our clarification makes it clear that there are no references to it, "a spokesman said. There was no link to Haribo a in this regard.

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