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Crypto success: Bitcoin pays now too with the "Amazon Swiss" 26/3/19

The world's largest Switzerland mail order company, Digitec Galaxus, has recently accepted that they will accept bitcoin money and other money they eat as money. This should help greatly with new money on the web.

Bitcoin is not yet accepted

In the last few months, the bitcoin, which produced a hugely unusual machine in 2017 and has achieved a $ 20,000 $ in just a few months time, has reduced significantly. Following a rapid decline in prices, the cyber-devise is now settled at around 4,000 US dollars. Indeed, Internet funding based on prevention was developed as a different form of payment, without the help of banks and banks. monetary policyto be fully independent and decentralized. The strong volatility and acceptance of the internet market, however, meant that Bitcoin was considered a random one, as equivalent money.


Bitcoin purchase is very complex and difficult to provide.
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However, much has happened since the first piece of the Blockchain was excavated in 2008. Much has been written and discussed about the cyberdevise novel. Many of the other stars of life were born in the revival. Although there has been a lot of progress in terms of uptake, the market has still to meet the Internet. In particular, the trade has so far been struggling with the burnt cryptocurrencies.

Digitec Galaxus Developments

This may now be changed. Switzerland's online retailer, Digitec Galaxus, reports that it is now accepting a number of babies as a method of payment. The retailer operates two online trading platforms:, an online store similar to an American wholesale Amazon; and, an electronic online resource. In a news release, the company published the new guide: "Buyers of a digitec and Galaxus can now afford to buy them by money stars, and as well as bitcoin, the on-line retailer." the biggest Swiss line in Switzerland adopts a number of silver medals such as Ethereum, Ripple or Litecoin. " The new method of payment will be available from the value of an order of 200 Swiss francs.

A partnership with Datatrans and Coinify

To pay Bitcoin and Co. Kildare Yes, the Switch Galaxus will be collaborating with the payroll company datatrans AG of Switzerland. Coinify deals with payments, which are spent on pay in Denmark aimed at cyber. Although Digitec Galaxus is not costing to pay with crypto, Coinify will retain 1.5 per cent of the total purchase amount changed. In addition, the online salesman indicates that additional trading costs may arise. However, the head of Datatrans said that this could change in the future: "The technology is continually developing and the faster and cheaper trade is on the horizon now." T

Avnet also opens to Bitcoin

As well as selling an on-line salesman from Switzerland, the American-American computer engineer Avnet opened recently, initially for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, the money on the internet. flax. With an annual sales of $ 19.04 billion in 2018, it's not a light company that is Phoenix that also helps accept cryptocurrency. As a partner, Avnet chose the renowned pay provider BitPay, who also includes companies such as Microsoft and Microsoft. Virgin among the customers who count. The business rate avnet emits by 1 per cent is based on the company. The technology company said it wanted to respond to around 250,000 Bitcoin conversations worldwide, and to support the progress of cyberdevises.

With more and more companies opening up the internet, they both accept Bitcoin and Co. Kildare. ever growing. Because large retailers are just beginning to trust in the new way of paying, so we are struggling to compete with competitive companies. As a result, getting more widespread and cryptocurrencies can return to their original place: creating another payment method.


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