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Do not worry, your Google account will not be deleted! – Digital News: Mobile

"Can I delete my Google Account?", "How do I stop my Google account from being deleted?" No "Is this post a scam?"

Such hearts and similarities began to help my private life up last week. Even my own mother, who is a? Thanks to iPad practically without Techsupport on my behalf, I did not know any more.

Google Sites Contamination

What happened? Everyone was from Google (So there were no scams!) Find. The mail comes from the Google + team, and the title says, "Your Google+ private account will be deleted from April 2, 2019."

Anyone who knows a day-to-day technique will know what they are doing; there. Google Google does not have any Google accounts, just the failed social network, which is very unsure after a number of security earnings, called Google+.

Many resources, very little success

In 2011, the service, designed as a Facebook competitor and equipped with external resources within a large range, was delivered by senior advertising. Some of the new features took a look at the eye, but Google+ never moved as a Facebook competitor.

Lastly, Google hoped and the service was not circulated. For example, Google Images have become a unique and very successful service.

in case

As a result of the first-year Google flame, users of the social network were not only interested, but also totally interested, such as my mother, who were not interested in the Google email service.

And that's why she got it – and many other Google users – now this email tells them that a service has never been abandoned.

The rest will make the difference

As if that were not enough for a global body, the name of the social network is now self-revenge. Who does not look closely, it's just Google. You can lose the big signal at the end of the name. Especially if you are not aware of its meaning.

Perhaps he is a man who is currently, who only reads the person who sent you and her; by posting your email, your own lake. But even if you read the entire email, you will not be sharper than the weakness. It is a prime example of how its customers should not be able to deal with a technology company.

Not help

It is not once described in Google+ or not. And the deletion of the other Google services is undoubtedly affected. It is thought that everyone knows Google+. Arriving to: The link, which is a? prompts more information, and continues to an English blog article.

Google is known to be abducted with Google Reader's best, Hangouts, or Inbox services, and it's very easy to understand that you want to remove Google+ as soon as & # 39; as possible. But something else would not be hurt once again. (

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