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    These were the Lucerne elections of 2019

    This includes our live message for today's Sunday. For a morning morning morning summary, the regional magazine Zentralschweiz was founded – at 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30 on Radio SRF 1.

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    The elephant around the Lucerne elections

    In the case of an elephant visit to the regional magazine Central Switzerland, the party or president of the main parties in the big parties Lucerne, they will examine the results of the election. The president of the parties on the left will refer to the second forthcoming ballot. They explain that they have not yet decided who should oppose the non-party parties Marcel Schwerzmann. Is the Green Korintha Bärtsch or SP-J Jörg Meyer withdrawn from his campaign, or do they both return?

    The parties that lose SVP, CVP and FDP also need to analyze their results. With regards to Lucerne SVP President Angelo Lüthold, it is clear that the topic of climate was currently preventing him.

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    «Moving over Zurich»

    After the Zurich elections, the green parties are also winning in Lucerne. Political scientist Michael Hermann believes that there is a clear movement passing Zurich. In a purse, however, the result is different from that of Zurich. "The SP is paid in Lucerne and is lost in Zurich and the Greens will win more than the Liberal Democrats. The left flame is Lucerne clearer.

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    Winners and losers say

    Maurus Frey, President of the Green Lucerne, is expressing her great achievements for the presence of a climate mathematics. "Lucerne people are worried about the climate," said Frey. But there is another reason: "In recent years, we have been seeing a power game with bourgeois parties, which was continuing the full taxation policy at the expense of the weaker."

    Angela Lüthold, President of SVP, agrees with this review. Her party has given seven seats. «Lucerne's canon came to be a city and is one of the reasons left. »

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    CVP and FDP will be lost

    According to modern results, the CVP and FDP in parliament are not a majority. For decades, the two groups have been doing a lot of business through the parliament – that's the end. For specific concerns, they could collaborate in the future with the GLP, which would further strengthen the green Liberals – as well as the benefit of the seat.

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    CVP: After the sun to the water

    After the CBP has allowed its final result in the government elections, the Cantonal Council faced a different situation. The party in the middle is still the strongest party, but they are losing four seats. Result "more appealing", as they call it.

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    The final result of Canton Council!

    The final decision on the Cantonal Council elections is given here. The main winners are the green parties. The GLP is adding three seats, the Lamb can double their seats and the Greens have to hold the Cantonal Council seat – for the first time. The bourgeois are the SVP (less than seven seats), the CVP (less than four) and the FDP (less than three). The SP receives three sets.

    Canton Final MP


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    The Parliament of Luganon Cantonal is still bourgeois – despite its successes

    In the Cantonal Council clear positioning results for the left-off parties are clear. Like this, it will change their work in the parliament, to the SRF editor Christian Oechslin. “One person can say that green worms are getting more weight in the future. Even the vital voices of fiscal policy are increasing. But one must say clearly that the canton is still bourgeois, despite the advantages on the left. SVP, CVP and FDP continue to throw more than what is on the left.

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    Marcel Schwerzmann in a television interview

    It is clear that Marcel Schwerzmann has expressed some disappointment in the TV interview that he had previously expected to be in the second semi-final, but he did not expect to put it ashore at two sides. There are a number of themes that could be practical and on the one hand, the one that is lacking in Lucerne's government. "In the last elections it was possible to have bourgeois potential. in the second ballot. "So I'm sure it will work this time."

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    The green wave will take Lucerne

    In the Cantonal Parliament, the green parties can grow, which is clear before the last result. Greens can double the number of seats by current results. The GLP is also growing and the young Greens make their way to the cantonal parliament. He is congratulated by colleagues from all over Switzerland. The payers are the SVP and the CVP. This is in line with provisional numbers.

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    Reto Wyss: "Some pressures have already existed"

    The second best result was CVP-man Reto Wyss – he made around 58 000. t "That is because of the work I have done over the last eight years." There has already been some confrontation, "he has always been in the elections." he made the first place without worrying at all. "I can Guido Graf and both of them can be quite happy."

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    To the left is "Sunday of success"

    Although he did not make the first choice, applicant SP Jörg Meyer states: "There is a successful Sunday for the SP and the Lamb. It is worth noting that there are two candidates on both hands. T left to right in front of the consultant, who was in charge of non-party parties, Marcel Schwerzmann. "Meyer does not wish to consider a second round of voting. Whether it was the contest Korintha Bärtsch (Greens) or even both competing again, the parties would now negotiate.

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    The chosen woman is humble

    Guido Graf, the Interactive Advisor to the CVP, got most votes – almost 60 & 000 in the head. When asked why he got so many votes, he says it is difficult to answer. "Indeed I'm pleased with the result", but tomorrow people will be Lucerne in the center again.

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    SRF journalist in conversation with Bärtsch and Peter

    According to SRF Central Switzerland, narrator Raphael Prinz, one can certainly speak of an "amazing result". "Above all, old Marcel Schwerzmann is on the back of the two candidates on the left." The Fabian, who is newly selected, talks about a "little sense" in a conversation with Prinz. "In canton Lucerne, this lump is quite high in the first township," said Peter.

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    «Lucerne wants another government woman»

    Korintha Bärtsch, the Lamb's candidate, was surprised today. Although the election was not made immediately, but there are nearly 43,000 votes before SP SP Jörg Meyer and in front of the government government office, Marcel Schwerzmann (non-party). “I am delighted it has come so well.” It shows, among other things, that Lucerne wanted a woman in the government again.

    Now both parties on the left – the SP and the Greens – must decide who to support in the second ballot. "Indeed I would like to start again," said Bärtsch.

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    Canton's advice only loses city votes

    The votes for a Canton Parliament are almost counted – the town of Lucerne is still missing. Wonder: Young Greens are seated in the Lucerne Land constituency – as well as the Lamb, SP and GLP. This is along with the cost of SVP and CVP – they all miss two sets.

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    The new one

    FDP's agent and new government adviser Fabian Peter made the right choice from bat. "I couldn't count on that," he says in an interview with SRF. It seems true that he managed to win votes well beyond the party's borders. «I'm very proud of that»

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    Limited voices from the home town of Paul Winiker

    Even the old SVP Government Council, Paul Winiker did not reach the full complement in the first ballot. "There were 800 votes, that's the reason for me. But then the rules of the game." This result was obviously the result of votes lost by Winiker, "Lucerne," from the city of Lucerne. Now he is about to breathe and go to the second ballot.

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    Separated Marcel Schwerzmann

    "I knew I needed to go to a second city," said a spokesman Marcel Schwerzmann to SRF, "but I wouldn't have expected that." Schwerzmann is behind the full regulatory colleague and just behind the two groups he left. "Now the point is to remove the full bourgeois ability in the second tenement."

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    The CBP's Commitments

    The CBP are very happy with the results of their two candidates and congratulate them. Guido Graf and Reto Wyss are re-elected – with the best result and best results.

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