European Free Software Requirement must publish a 5G source code

6 February, 2019 –
In the 5G talk about state spirit allegations with Huawei, the free software in Europe is " Speak and request the original 5G code to be distributed.

Huawei is a general suspicion of state spionage, which caused Chinese makers in individual countries to interfere with the industry with a 5G device for expanding its grid; at present. The US, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the United States have responded to Huawei for the provision of 5G ("IT IT Magazine"). In Switzerland, voices were raised and the National Council now has a " dealing with the case (description "Swiss IT Magazine"). In the middle of the dialogue on state spirit and delivery monopolies, the free European software (FSFE) is now interim and its; requires the open distribution of its source code for 5G technology. The measures made against Huawei would not be a short fall, according to FSFE, which is the only effective agreement; In print is open for all its code so that it can be easily understood and confidence can be raised. The control of selected government agencies and telephone companies can help with this case, but the general problem can not be resolved, going on saying.

"We should not argue the Huawei case, but expand the debate on all essential infrastructures," said Max Mehl, the FSFE program manager. "Software only with Free Source and Open can be sure that clarity and management have been sure – a long-term fundamental requirement for security and trust – and we expect that players state this solution not only for the Huawei case, but for all comparative IT-Security issues quickly. "

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