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Existing UPC Equity: Swisscom Head of Schaeppi's Concern

The Swiss telecommunications market is full of weather. The competition is similar. Swisscom thought he sold it in 2018 in this country. And now the competition could even be up.

Swisscom President Urs Schaeppi (58) today delivered the results of the past financial year. But his numbers had a hard time against the competition news. The day before the Sunrise stronghold that purchase should be negotiated by UPC. Schaeppi looks calmly to a new, stronger competition: "Swisscom is well placed and widely established."

The talks between the two competitors are not surprising for Schaeppi. "Market closure is to be expected," he says to BLICK. There is a hard competition, the market is dried.

Even more competition?

Schaeppi does not think less of a sound that goes to her; touring. Vodafone should be interested in the Swiss market, and maybe it's going to be. claim for the many 5G. "It seems more likely for a union situation than to enter the market at a new competitor." From the success of his & market, he could not be & # 39; think of the last one.

Schaeppi can only estimate the effects of co-operation. "It's difficult to predict its market". However, there may be such a competition that will lead to more competition.

There is too much rescue at risk

More competition, cheaper offers? Low prices are the same, according to Swisscom's head, but at the same time the investments are high. "The prices should not be later, or so it will end up investment."

As well as investing – for example in the 5G network – Swisscom also wants to continue to save it. By 2020, 100 million will be saved annually. Also at the places. But Schaeppi does not make a proper introduction. Last year, the number fell by 541.

In 2018, sales in the Ukrainian main industry also fell, and set about three quarters of related sales. There is a 2.7 per cent clothing for arranging. Thanks to the advanced business in Italy, however, the sales telecommunications group can hold almost 11.71 billion CHF. Compared to this, net profit fell by 3 per cent to 1.52 billion.

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