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FIM accelerates the speed of the V4 R from Assen

( – The impact of Alvaro Bautista and the new Panigale Panigale V4 is affected. After the first weekend of race in Australia, Thailand and Spain, FIM and the Promoter around the world made progress in the motorcycle consortium to determine the fulfillment of each logo. By these results, the maximum allowable distance may be reduced or decreased. For their calculations, only races across the full distance were used. There is no significant difference in the short bulletins of the metals.

Ducati Panigale V4 R

The Ducati V4 R speed limit is reduced by 250 rpm from Assen zoom

First they joined in the pocket that Ducati would not be punished for, because Bautista was very much involved in the area, and its colleagues, Chaz Davies, Eugene Laverty, had no clear advantages and Michael Ruben Rinaldi and they were similar to the competition. However, FIM calculations show that the Panigale V4 R can be repeated from the next in Assen with 250 turns per minute less than before.

However, the maximum speed is allowed for the V4 R, which is 16,100. For a comparison, the 2017 Kawasaki ZX-10RR can handle a maximum of 14,600. As well as the Ducati V4 R, there are no new motorcycles in the field. However, Ducati and Kawasaki are not allowed to upgrade the parts of the mitigation program for the rest of the season. All other makers are authorized to do so. T

Honda has been helped twice

As a rule, only the speed level is increased or lowered by 250 versions. There is another one for Honda. There may be more than 500 changes to the CBR1000RR from Assen. By FIM, this double step is confirmed by the fact that Honda's final work made it necessary. Honda can use 15,050 rpm from Assen.

Leon Camier

The CBR engine is now getting a chance to visit 500 times zoom

This was especially for BMW, because, after the German boss, the flaming parts were fitted, which were used in the first two racers, a common engine. This is permitted by regulation. FIM therefore moved their enumeration on the third race, where parts of discount were used for the first time. For Imola in mid-May, BMW wants to take the new racing engine with him. In the future BMW may have had its engine speed changes depending on their power.

The FIM and the Dorna will assess after three cycle weekends and can produce a new level of speed.

Speed ​​limits from the 4th weekend of an Assen race:
Aprilia: 14.700
BMW: 14.950
BMW 2019: 14,900
Ducati V2: 12.400
Ducati V4: 16.100
Honda: 15,050
Kawasaki 2018: 14.100
Kawasaki 2019: 14,600
MV Agusta: 14.950
Suzuki: 14,900
Yamaha: 14,700

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