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Flu or cold? These are the key indicators

Are you feeling tired and a & # 39; hitting? Whether invalid disease comes behind the marks or there is a real flower, we explained here.

There are high seasones in cold fever and flu virus in winter. When the throat is screwed, the nose is a n; running, the head hurts and its; fever and their body discharges, the security system needs to work at a distance. But how is indirect cold, the disease is like a cold, different from true flu? The most important symptoms of illness at the same time.

"I got a cold", it's a & # 39; welcome a lot of people who are sick and promptly enter them. But this evaluation is a lot of wrong. Although the influenza is a disease that the doctor asked to; Praise the influenza, it's a chronic cold. Although viruses are also encouraged, cold viruses are much less aggressive than influenza viruses.

Flu: The main features

It is an infectious disease in which; flu, which is happening in the most quarterly – in a & # 39; winter between November and February. Although cold begins slowly, the flu has a long time, suddenly emerging Patient is just feeling good and next minute it's a? suffering from poor cousins ​​and bad bodies, as well as cracking and tiredness.

Fever and light are strong in other symptoms. In general, the thermometer shows more than 38 degrees and can rise to 41 degrees. But it can also happen that people with a disease can not get fever. Despite this, it is also necessary to cure flu.

A fluid patient is not able to deal with everyday life and must go to bed. The illness and the severe illness accompany the & # 39; disease. Often, dry and cold drops are much better later.

Flu or cold?

Compared to this, cold slowening of the condition of the respiratory anguish – usually inspired by common cold viruses. As a rule, unfamiliar scratching appears in the top, and this can be a bad roof. In the healthy mills course the nose begins to start; run.

A series of 12 pictures

The person who is affected by & # 39; Feel that the whole head is "closed". Other things that include dominance, harsh nose, cardiac casualties, hearing ear and ear pressure. There is a disease like a flu that lasts around a week. It is important to protect yourself, to sleep enough and to avoid physical habits, because otherwise the disease can expand.

Medicine for flu

Special Drugs Against Flu Genes – This can be called an obstacle to anominidase called this to prevent the virus from multiplying it. This can reduce and cut the disease with one average day. However, the drugs only work in the first two days of flu. If the disease has gone on, neoraminidase barriers are usually not ineffective; the wonder is no longer praised.

The most important treatment measures are for stress and plenty of drinking. They suggest, for example, a & # 39; pouring tea on tea, tight tea, camomile tea or sage tea.

Poor medication and fever can be a respiratory respiratory and body disease. In flu, there are more diseases caused by bacteria. Antibiotics can kill those bacteria, but they do not help to prevent virus infections; flu.

Home remedies for flu

Like cold, a variety of home remedies can help to reduce flu symptoms:

  • Chicken is a chicken and a ginger tea with a honey; adversely affected.
  • Calf seals can reduce the fever. The wet towels (room temperature) should be tied around for about 20 minutes. Do not use when you're split or a & # 39; skinny.
  • Large sage tea or salt water will help to resist their, chest. Gargle for a few minutes.
  • Sheep was assessed against the hard mucus face. Do you crash or go? Put slices to your drink.
  • Help the face of the nervous spices, put it into a towel and then put it on your ear.
  • Try to inhale regularly. Tyme, chamomile, tea tree oil, sage or salt are particularly suitable for this.
  • To make sure that your mucous leaflets do not disturb their & # 39; Moreover, you should also take into account bad humidity in the rooms.
  • You can see more suggestions in our slide show. If you suffer from a heavy ban, we have grandma home remedies for coughing.

Duration of flute

A flu course is much longer than cold. The disease is usually five to seven days, with individual symptoms that take up to 14 days. Some patients need several weeks to recover completely. In people with a weak protection system, flu may even be a life threat. These include the serious illness, children and older people. Severe women are more likely to experience flu virus because of their symptoms. The defense system has a special warning to protect the unborn child.

How sick is the flu?

There is a flu disease very urgent usually four to five days after the appearance of the main features. Transmission viruses will be broadcast by stopping, coughing, and & # 39; talk or breathe as they can go into the air for long lines and remain infectious for hours. The viruses are extracted through inserted items or a laird.

There are even people who have already been infected with their disease; virus, but have no symptoms, can harm others. Children or people with a weak defense system can pull the infections further. Usually there is only one or two days from & # 39; flu.

Occasionally cold weather (a flu-like disease) takes two to eight days. In particular, although the person who suffers has symptoms, his cold is also infectious. However, cold viruses are not common enough, they need to go into the mucous nets or their eyes. It is the most common way to get your hands up and then to connect your eyes or your nose. Therefore, hygiene measures such as regular cleaning of hands are particularly important.

Flu can be a hazardous factor

If a & # 39; Healing a flu can have an adverse effect. If the virus is spread throughout its; body and spread to the heart, this is & # 39; Following the worst case to the content of dangerous heart muscles. It is marked by looking forward, muscle pain and scarce breath. If these symptoms occur after cold or flu, a doctor should be consulted.

swine bullets

You can get a vaccine against their flu vaccine because it is stimulated by different types of viruses. In particular, the serious illness, people over 60 years of age and pregnant women should be immunized, as there is a greater risk of severe influenza. However, a flu vaccine does not; Provides 100% protection since it only covers some influenza viruses, but not everything that is circulated. However, her / her vaccine will be & # 39; significantly reduce the risk of disease.

The flu usually gives protection to a season; flu. It should be done before the start of flu, as it will take up to 14 days to answer the protection system. Recommended October and November is the recommendation.

How flu viruses change rapidly, their vaccine must be reproduced annually and the vaccine is updated annually. From the flu vaccine system 2018/2019 the statutory health insurance and its & Vaccinated with a more efficient four-phase vaccine, which wants to protect against four different flu virus.

Influenza Outcome 2018

According to the Robert Koch Institute, around 5 to 20 per cent of the population will have a disease in the event of a disease; Flute – in Germany this is 4 to 16 million people. But everyone with a disease does not get sick. One and seven million doctor visits should be related to flowers every year. In 2018, more than 313,000 people were confirmed by 1 April, but the number itself may be considerably higher, because all patients are not proven for the patches.

Swine in children

In babies and toddlers, flu is particularly noticeable by respiratory complaints. There is a sudden stomach, high fever, often with love, a ready loss, nausea and vomiting, maybe the prevalence of normal flu symptoms in small children. The symptoms that parents recognize their flu vaccine and when they need to; see the doctor's children immediately.

Severe growth of flu

If you are suffering from coughs, nose to & # 39; sun and clothing when you're pregnant, you can relax. As long as the symptoms are not too bad, this little cold will not harm the child as a stomach. Even heavy alarm can not be sufficiently moved by amniotic sound.

However, you should be careful about a quiet cure on your cold, because all that you take through the blood through the striking tree to the child. So, if you are pregnant, use special medicines especially home and natural remedies. It is also important that you get general advice and care from your doctor. Especially when you are pregnant with a child you should take the cold and ask a doctor for advice.

How to stop being sick, as soon as it is explained here.

In addition, you should take care of how your child is dealing with home remedies or natural remedies. If you feel sick, you should stop treatment and consult a doctor.

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