Wednesday , October 23 2019
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Foreign Resources and Trade – an oil price expire – Economy

The fall of the oil market was stopped by the time. The most important prices of raw oil are rising. There are also some benefits in the euro and British note after Brexit's agreement at the end of the week.

Oil prices have stopped the rapid loss of recent trading days for the time. Monday, they can return back. A barrel (159 liters) of Brent was a North Sea; cost $ 60.90 in the evening. It was $ 1.68 over Friday. American Texas Intermediate (WTI) American non-average price growth 3.3 per cent to $ 52.10. Until the end of Friday, oil prices have been in decline. From the beginning of October, prices have fallen by around 30 per cent. Market viewers also spoke of over-supply provision and explained the revival to the beginning of the week by closing it to the " oil market. One reason for the recent decline in oil prices in Saudi Arabia. After the US President, Donald Trump, has repeatedly urged the countryside on Camas Peirsinneach to raise the rise against the high level gasoline prices in the US, experts now & # 39; Seeing Saudi oil exhibitions at a high level. In early December, Opec countries will be meeting to discuss their & # 39; improvement improvement policy.

The euro did not move much. In the evening, the general currency of $ 1,348 was trading, up 0.1 percent from Friday night. According to market surveyors, the euro is supported by the progress of a more regulated EU-level leakage attack. On Sunday, the 27 other EU countries have accepted the Brexit agreement with Britain. However, the British Parliament must approve the agreement, which is considered a difficult problem for regulated Brexit. British money rose just a few Monday. The note was given at $ 1,2818 this night. It was an additional 0.1 per cent on Friday.

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