Formula 1: So he runs the third day of tests in Barcelona

The first note in Formula 1 exams here in Barcelona is very good after three out of eight days. Eight minutes before the end, the Daniil Kvyat (24) replaced Russia Toro Rosso-Honda when he returned – .058 ahead of Kimi Raikkonen (39) in the Alfa-Sauber.

The "Iceman" from Baar ZG is very good to meet the "call" in Alpha with the power of Ferrari from Hinwil ZH. "It's definitely going even faster if we go for a real time hunting," he smiled Fionn at lunchtime to look.

Thanks to Vasseur and Zehnder

It is a great pleasure to see the work of the new Alfa Romeo Racing team consistently. And with the leader of the Vasseur Frederick team and the manager, Beat Zehnder is now quietly steered by the wild one again.

It is not difficult to feel. The program is cold and unplanned. Since almost no fuel is taken from the Q38 or is always driven by the real Pirelli red tires on boarding times. With exceptions …

Kimi faster than ever

As Renault had 12 blocks with Nico Hulkenberg (156 without podium races) suddenly, the road and its smuggling method between Vettel and Raikkonen were awakened by the Alpha-Sauber ambition .

Since the bosses were just to get it out again. One Kim sent away with the most beautiful fires on the way – and this was again 0.3 seconds faster than the Seventh Hulkenberg Cup of the Universe!

How strong is Honda always?

And then the final World Champion of 2007 Ferrari again – 1: 17.762. Kimi surprised the circus. And, the 2019 Alfa-Sauber could still give a little surprise in Formula 1. On the way, with 138 loops the longest distance (462 kilometer) of Kimi's day on her; course for 4,655 km.

The winner of the Toro Rosso day should finally benefit from Honda's power. It seems to have the confidence – Kvyat has been 137 bends. The power of the Japanese power is also hoping for red bulls. Additionally, Max Verstappen (21) is not the candidate's title.

Kimi: "The bull is away!"

At Alfa-Sauber (we want to see the team as other media) Kimi and Antonio Giovinazzi (25) have a rich mix of cyclists. Fionn, at a half-time 0.6 seconds ahead of Vettel: "Finally, there is no other politics. I enjoy driving. Here everything is going Around the sport. The bull is away. That makes it easier for everyone. Media is usually not interested but in negative stories! »

Free fire for small people

At the end of the test, the small teams of their drivers dropped out of their cage, they went out of petrol and got the dark red tires (Pirelli) (C5) – worse than impossible more. In Ferrari (winner of the day Monday and Tuesday) Vettel did not respond, he was satisfied with his fourth place. On Thursday, Charles Leclerc will take over her dear red.

Mountain Muscle Lewis: "Even Stronger"

An old song generated some boxes away: Mercedes will not show her cards. If you do not follow the results, you'll get a & # 39; The cash arrows believe in 2019 just behind them. Lewis Hamilton World Championship (in the 12th place!) I took a media conference at noon. My colleague Sobli, Marcel Odermatt, was there.

Lewis: "We stay calm and I have got some muscles. That makes me get stronger. As I have done, I still have my privacy. Roger Federer is not He also tells how he will keep healthy at age. Indeed, I think it's great that Ferrari is already as fast as we know our actions in the days ahead. "

Kubica: A View on Thursday?

The impressive idea of ​​WM-tail tail is the Williams-Mercedes tail. LOOK looked at Robert Kubica (33) in the bowl. The pole, the only Sauber winner in Montreal in 2008 (with BMW power), must continue to face well for his / her; bad game: "I will not go on Wednesday!" So, the third day without preparation for the GP to begin on March 17 in Australia.

In the evening, Formula 2, George Russell, was finally allowed to take the garage with the FW42. The always proud leader, Claire Williams, has been fighting her & her; fight: "We'll keep up with our money!" Well, we are awful. The last 25 days and the time of weakness are not in the first day; grow well.

Fittipaldi's grandson is turning around

Most teams do not u0026 #;; Third driver on the eight exam days here in Barcelona. Some of the hours are too valuable in advance of the season. Well, at Haas-Ferrari they have now enabled Pietro Fittipaldi (22) Brazilians. The small-known pilot is the grandson of the double champion Emerson Fittipaldi (1972 on Lotus and 1974 on McLaren).

Test results:

1. Kvyat (Toro Rosso-Honda) 1: 17.704

2. Raikkonen (Alpha-Sauber) 1: 17.762

3. Ricciardo (Renault) 1: 18,164

4th Vettel (Ferrari) 1: 18.350

5. Verstappen (Red Bull Honda) 1: 18.787

6. Hülkenberg (Renault) 1: 18,800

7. Grosjean (Haas-Ferrari) 1: 19.060

8. Fittipaldi (Haas-Ferrari) 1: 19,249

9. Sainz (McLaren-Renault) 1: 19.453

10. Pérez (Races Point-Mercedes) 1: 20.102

11. Bottas (Mercedes) 1: 20.693

12. Hamilton (Mercedes) 1: 20.818

13. Russell (Williams-Mercedes) 1: 25.625

Hamilton (Mercedes) 1: 16,173

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