Friborg: A man (94) raises several accidents

One (94) has caused several accidents in Friborg's speech. In total, three were injured.

A 94-year-old motorcycle had several accidents on Bernstrasse in Freiburg on a Monday morning. In total, three were injured. There were five vehicles involved in the events, such as Freiburg's single police.

The old man who fought on the island of traffic first for unknown reasons. He then followed his journey on the other road. After that, he passed a double round road and dropped behind him by a car that was moving correctly, a signal that fell by the car, and another was a car. drive a car correctly.

Eventually, the accident was taken by the car on the right road, pushing behind another car. This car was cut against a retaining wall.

The 55-, 37- and 53-year-old drivers of the three vehicles were injured and had to be taken to hospital. (SDA)

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