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“Full House” -Loughlin threatens 40 years in prison

It is said that their two daughters are using Lori Loughlin and her husband using shoes in an elite university in California. The actress has now been turned out to have been drowned.

Lori Loughlin (54) looks gloomy as part of the university's bribery scandal: the Laser and her husband Mossimo Giannulli (55) are said to have paid about $ 500,000 for their two daughters, Olivia Jade, a help 19) and Isabella Rose (20) at the University of Southern California. With the pressure they had, the young women were given places to learn as contributors at the higher-level university, although they are not athletes.

«You don't see how bad the situation is»

Now the couple are charged with fraud and pecuniary punishment. The serial star has reported spending money for fraud purposes outside the United States. A further 14 people were also taken to spend money, as the prosecutor called in Boston (USA). For the new two expenses, the maximum penalty is 20 years. According to TMZ, it is expected that Lochaber and her husband will be at least two-and-a-half years in prison for their degree of bankruptcy.

As “People” statements Loughlin and her husband were offered a contract, both of whom refused. Under this agreement, the couple would expect between 18 and 24 months in prison. "They didn't want to take that," said a store. "You don't see how bad the situation is." And also: "They chose to take risks – and it could be a bad move. Now they're worse than before."

Huffman could be imprisoned for four to ten months

The star "Desperate Housewives" Felicity Huffman (56) is also involved in a bribery scandal: At court, the actor admitted she had been struggling to take her daughter to university. She paid the exam center head $ 15,000 to correct her daughter's entrance test. The inspector was also found guilty in court, as did 13 others. "I very much accept my guilt," said Huffman in reporting. According to Reuters, the accused recommended the prison in the “lower range” of four to ten months. It's said that Huffman agreed to pay a penalty of $ 20,000.

In total 50 people have been given the opportunity to get better universities through profiling and shame in exams. Prosecutors say $ 25 million is in the “worst scandal of the history of the USA”. (SDA / Kad)

Famous parents of Olivia Jade bribe Uni

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