Great Dane Airlines: Denmark is getting new flights

Some people go in credit, others will start again: In Aalborg, Denmark, it is expected that a new company will leave in June. She is responsible for Jets from Embraer.

Hugo Møller and Huy Duc Nguyen appear to prevent him from having a number of flights. affecting the European air division. The two founders of the new Danish ferry company, which will be from mid-June: Great Dane Airlines. The airline carries two Embraer E195 leased, with 118 seats at each one at the beginning.

At a news conference at Aalborg Airport last week, the new ferry company delivered its planned routes. So, she wants to fly from Aalborg to Edinburgh, Dublin and Nice. On these routes, according to the travel news website, Danmark Standby, Nilles Rejser's tour operator has hosted a number of seats. Her master Miriam Bisgaard also pointed out that they have sent a number of Aalborg chartered aircraft to the Spitzbergen islands and one to Tallinn.

Large donors on board

Great Dane Airlines still have larger users. The Bravo Tours tourism project provides Embraer tools to bring passengers from different countries to Mallorca, Rhodes, Crete and Varna, according to its location. local Check-in airports. "We will spend eight weeks with Great Dane Airlines this summer," said Torben Simonsen, manager of Bravo Tours. "So far we have bought a place for over 12,000 travelers."

Co-founder of Hugo Møller, who is also the responsibility of the new ferry company, said there was a lack of capacity in the North European market for registration schedules and regional scheduled aircraft from 100 to 120 people. "It gave us the idea that a airline firm established with strong roots in Northern Jutland," said Møller. Tickets are sold to & # 39; airport from 5 March – the web site is already down down.

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