Horror hurt! English professional English face – football

That looks bad!

Krasser crash in the game of the second English division between FC Reading and Aston Villa (0: 0). What happened?

73 minutes. A striking fight between the striped Nelson Nelson Oliveira (27) and Tyrone Mings Villas (25). The attack is a disaster, and his enemy also has a & # 39; falls, it's happening with the gloomy shoes in front of Portuguese and runs it in a number of places.

Oliveira is more than staying on her; square, must be treated first. In addition to the big cuts, the new sum (winter for five million euros from Norwich City) still found a broken nose.

The opposition Mings is heartbroken, he wrote on Twitter: "I'm sorry for Oliveira. I hope it's OK." On the way, there was no yellow card for this promotion.

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