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Albon: Leclerc advertises “a new generation”

Alexander Albon, Formula 1 rookie, sees clearly in the position of Charles Leclerc in Bahrain. "It emphasizes the strength of this generation," said Albon, indeed, without reason: at 23, he is only a little older than Leclerc who has 21 years, and who he would also have been another singer. T in youth leagues. “Even then, he was like a man who shook these trips out of his feet where you asked yourself," How did he do that ?! " But I am pleased that it was as early as Seb [Vettel] To fight. I thought it would take time. "

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Overview: The current penalty board. T

Grosjean Romain was "a whip": Yesterday the Haas driver was in danger of winning Lando Norris and got a start penalty. What was involved in his marriage: a penalty on driver's license. These penalties were collected separately for a number of years. And if a driver reaches twelve points within a year, his automatic stop will continue for the next race.

Where Grosjean stands with the new penalty point, how close is it to the block and who else has punishments in its file, you will see in our big panorama, what we do with it. .

Check your current penalty rate!

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Such a method is governing Toto Wolff

Toto Wolff is responsible for Mercedes motors motors activities and so also a Formula 1 project. But how does it do that? Some insight into how her husband managed Susie Wolff, who is now a team manager, opposite the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Then she said, "Toto is very hard on the people closest to him." But with so much request as Wolff, he was so worried about all staff. "It is a very good communicator that gets most people out, and he has great sympathy for being able to empathize with others."

Toto Wolff also explains his leadership style: "Surely it's good enough what we do." Can: It is analyzed and analyzed. being questioned. "If you go well from efficiency, you have to admit that we should not be satisfied with anything," said Wolff. "And we must do that inside: today we can be better than today."


Vettel: The subject involves a topic, but …

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel has told the Times about his plans for the future. "My contract is going up." [einschließlich] 2020. I'm sure I want to fight this year and next year. And then I don't know what the rules will be like. So far no one knows, "said Vettel.

It would reflect on its commitment well and may also depend on the context in which Formula 1 is developing. Vettel criticizes the change in the series of races well and says: "There are few of the values ​​that were present but today." Formula 1 is now a showcase. "Just like F1." is a sport in the sports industry.

There is also too much debate about the possible future scenarios. Vettel: "We spend time and energy on rules that are just expensive – for nothing."


Video clip: Who can make Ferrari dangerous?

My colleagues Edd Straw and Ben Anderson to examine the possibilities for Mercedes and Red Bull, Ferrari in the race. Or is Ferrari because of the better work of getting through "and" that is vulnerable in the history of Formula Grand Prix 999? Listen here, what the experts say!

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Taking a degree in Bahrain: Do not learn from it

Ferrari is suddenly at a lonely stage, Mercedes will be standing back, Renault in shame: We are studying the paddock in Bahrain, as it came here More Formula 1 videos


And with that …

… we bring our attention back to Formula One. Until now The start at 17:10 (CEST) begins We have a lot of discussion here in this ticket! So we'll start right already … …-)

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Read more: Mick Schumacher debate in Formula 2

Two twice-hourly weekend break Formula 2: Mick Schumacher joined the junior cycle series in the first season. Here you can read about how it worked with other Formula 2 talents in detail:

Report first race
Please report on 2nd leg


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This was Mick Schumacher's first view in Formula 2. The next time he will work on 27 and 28 April 2019 in Baku in Azerbaijan. And you can follow the world champion's son Michael Schumacher in his first live and special Formula 2 season – in a live F1 TV live stream! That's where the Formula 2 tours will be broadcast this year, including expert reports in English.

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P6 for Schumacher in the sprint race

Mick Schumacher completed his Formula 2 cooling race in Bahrain in sixth place. Luca Ghiotto was victorious ahead of Sergio Sette Camara and Nicholas Latifi. Guanyu Zhou and Louis Deletraz also stayed ahead of Schumacher.

Get the full version of the race here!

After two points in the first two stages of the year, Schumacher finished in the eighth place in the overall position. Ghiotto is the director of Bahrain.

Phone the Formula 2 interim status here!

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Last trip: Leadership change!

Luca Ghiotto is back in charge of the cooling of Formula 2 – after changing a shot that has been sent back to the middle of the park.

Mick Schumacher is sixth in line on the 22nd of 23 laps after Guanyu Zhou passes.

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Deletraz takes over Schumacher

Mick Schumacher has gone down one time again: Louis Deletraz has taken fourth place in the back of the book. Although Schumacher soon established a side attack, Deletraz stayed ahead.

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Schumacher has only one fourth

Luca Ghiotto has been victorious and has overcome Mick Schumacher without much challenge. Schumacher is now only in fourth place and – at this time, he lost the first podum Formula 2 again.

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The last 5 days run

Sergio Sette Camera manages five laps to go, but is under pressure by Nicholas Latifi. Behind him is Mick Schumacher on P3, but Luca Ghiotto is already behind him – and he has new tires …

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The big question is …

… if Luca Ghiotto and Co's one-stop strategy are better than driving through a change of tire. The next rounds will show him. At this time, Ghiotto obviously drives faster and maybe he will catch up with the group quickly. But Mick Schumacher is still safe on P3 in the race.

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The pier stops at the top

Mick Schumacher is third in the cooling race in Bahrain. The reason: Luca Ghiotto and Nyck de Vries have changed to tires, therefore falling from the highest group. But: with soft tires they start to revive … t

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Schumacher is aimed at P5

Mick Schumacher has been taking the fifth place in the Formula 2 cooling race in Bahrain after ten laps. He travels within an amazing distance to Nyck de Vries, which has recently passed away.

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