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How they are developing and what they need to do the hormones

Spring goes into the country. People who laugh again, to & # 39; behavior and enjoyment. But why does the sun make you happy? What happens to us on our site hormone?

Sunbeams: serotonin and endorphin make it happy

Psychology research has shown that this is the case spring fever to be delivered. Because when the rays of the sun hit their skin, the brain is in a position; pouring to pour out the hormone of pleasure endorphin -mach. endorphin one futurewhich is created in the pituitary disease, which works as a bad and spread in positive experiences. Also create sex hormone go to endorphins back. It's a serotonin that is an excitement hormone that is inspired by sunlight. He does a & # 39; body is more solvent, fair and satisfied, and is also called an activity hormone. The antagonist of serotonin, the hormone cadal of melatonin, has been reduced during the transition from winter to summer. We feel faster and more active.

The testosterone product will spring up in spring and summer

That too hormone sex The men's testosterone rises spring and summer. But not just one hormone sex, Testosterone is also important for psyche and makes men go feel better physically. Women do not have a seasonal hormone rhythm.

spring fever expand through sport

If you are still active in sunshine when you are in the sun, you will be aware that the good behavior and sensation of the sunshine are; increase even more. Many studies have shown that exercise affects the mind. Is responsible for this messengers, like endorphins and morphine, which has a positive and advanced impact.

Vitam D: created by sunlight

The enjoyment of the solar rays is to positive impact on their enjoyment. Many studies have shown that there is a clear link between poor vitamin and vitamin D deficiency. So, bad guides in the people who were Mediterranean There is little search in people who live there Scandinavia live, more often. If vitamin D deficiency is just fair, the fool increases. Make healthy people Vitamin D especially above skin in sunlight. It is enough for hands, faces and parts of arms and legs to be confused with sunshine. His body will be & # 39; use the UVB radiation of the sun and they produce vitamin D from the previous transformation in cholesterol; round in the skin. It is important for the bones, the defensive system and the muscles. "Sunlight, with the colorful color spectrum, is very important to us because we talk about it messengers, like that hormone, product, "said Dr Med. Johannes Püschel, Expert in general medicine.

Poverty and consonance rising by heat and light

As the temperature rises, not only in a better way the person is, it also grows more interesting and more difficult with its fellow people. This does not affect other people; stress them and so be more interesting. It is said to have an interesting bottle. Daylight is also a health promotion and a focus and a & n; making people more effective and satisfied.

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