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Huawei cannot do anything for your naivety! – NHS

Rarely do these things: After Huawei's criticism of complaints already that he believes in the Chinese government, the group now has to deal with complaints, with the new P30 Pro campaign. The truth is a little more complex.

Good guess of the picture: Huawei cannot do anything for your holiness!

Many people cannot age 79 years that they have changed the world. One of these is Stella Liebeck. In 1992, the copper pensioner handed out a hot coffee over his feet, which she had previously bought at McDonalds. The hot drink caused some bad burning. Liebck is at McDonalds rest and has received more than $ 2 million in dams in the first instance. To be legally enforced against such laws in the future, the fast food series continue to advertise warnings about the coffee mugs: "Born, hot coffee".

This coffee is usually hot, you should make sense. Despite that, McDonald's had to write his warning about the coffee cups after the legal unrest. In fact, safe – especially in the country where there is unlimited legal action.

Huawei also got to know his own stella-Liebeck-moment this week.

Features of climbing at the P30 Pro: Huawei is accused of deceit

With several best photographs, China's maker advertised its expansion in P30, which will be officially launched in Paris at the end of March. The paintings had different trends: from a child playing with ducks, an island in the South Sea to an explosive volcano, everything was there. In the middle was a magnifying glass, which incorporated the long and tidy crystal designs forward.

"Look at P30 Pro, a nice big feature," said Huawei's unpleasant message.

Not surprisingly, the hearth photos were not completely burned with the P30 Pro! As it looked back, this was stock photography that the group used. There was much more after that. There was discussion about "deceit", some others again and accused of Huawei of deceit.

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Huawei did not ask him to take the photographs with the P30 Pro

What is considered for the general deficit: but Huawei have said they do not have the name that the paintings were burned by the P30 Pro. So this attempt to make a bogus is based on the idea that the P30 Pro was taken. Yet Huawei is directly accountable to him.

Only in this way does it show that Huawei wants to take a panoramic view of the new phone-line with its advertising pictures – in the pictures themselves – after all, we can see anything more. smaller than an explosive volcano here. Does anyone really believe that Huawei on Pro P30 is given to a worker, placed in a helicopter, and then to build a picture of a volcano that could erupt a life?

If you always wanted to know how you would pronounce "Huawei" right:

Advertising makes it exaggerated and feels

This is an advertising, plus. Advertising makes feelings and emotions, but it does not show a true picture of truth. My wet razor won't come into being a robot and with the new beginnings I don't quite like flying with a magic weapon. For such a course, it is realistic to do so.

Because they are so holy and put all the words on the gold scale, it is also a surprise that hot coffee is hot.

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