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Shellfish still rises in Switzerland: the wood protected last year was 735,000 cubic meters. That is more than doubled last year.

735,000 cubic meters of non-fertile woodland. This sum corresponds to the highest level since 2006. The number of double-sided release agencies in 2018 – from 4,600 spam groups to 9100.

However, there are major differences between the regions, as stated from Wednesday with Federal Federal Investigation Station for Forest, Snow and Land (WSL).

Especially in the Middle Plate, Jura and Eastern Switzerland, the otter was opened in 2018. Forestry services reported an increase in woodland affected by up to twelve hours.

In the Alps and in the southern part of Switzerland, although its excavation grow almost constant or even down.

Storms and thirst

The solutioned puppets were benefited from spruce and # 39; weakened by storms and thirst.

Due to the high temperature in the last year, Feathers may be at a lower height, even three plants instead of the usual two generations. The number of hedgehogs, which is now wintering, is so bigger than in previous years.

Important situation

If the year 2019 is again very warm and dry, the situation should be essential, and WSL writing.

Even without new weather such as storms or heat troubles, there are already many weaknesses found in the woods, which are similar to the beetles as a breeding material. (SDA)

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