Is Joren van Pottelberghe a failure for a week?

Kloten may have to be done without the keeper of Joren van Pottelberghe for weeks. The club goes to the third duel today in Langenthal on a diving station.

Bad news for Kloten, who writes the portal online "" on Tuesday afternoon. According to a number of sources, warden Joren van Pottelberghe has been injured. It can be included that the 21-year-olds will not receive several weeks.

That's sitting! For just as Van Pottelberghe moved in November from Davos to Kloten, the NL-relegated has received support in the Swiss League. The Belgian immigrant's son of airborne management in 19 out of 25 games was influenced, and 92.10 per cent of all shows. "It's great for us," said sports director Felix Hollenstein.

Hollenstein enjoys

Now it is expected that Van Pottelberghe will be the most important time of the year. It would be a harsh loss and maybe the end of all Kloten dreams, if it's true. The official certainty of its club is still to be done.

Send it as soon as possible, to & # 39; Hollenstein sports director announced at 8.34 clock. Then he gets under. The application is not answered three to a half hours. And other club actors hide their play.

All the psycho games that challenged Langenthal, the Oberaargauer were similar to the Sunday series ahead of 3-0 in Kloten to 1-1?

Today by Guggisberg or Seifert?

It would not be surprising that today's third game is in Langenthal, Andrin Seifert (20) or Winterthur-Lending Tim Guggisberg (21) between the posts for the first time since January 4.

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