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Julius Bär climbs negative levels of interest to the debt

The Julius Baer, ​​who gives advice from large buyers to Pictet and others are moving away, seeking discount from buyers from May.

0.75 per cent of the best buyers' weight is then weighed on the eye. This is a major increase in giving the negative interest rate, which the National Bank has imposed on commercial banks for 4 years.

Previously, there was a need for pension funds in particular
pay the penalty. With Julius Baer's progress he will take the opportunity
now, for the first time, full-time residential customers.

While rich people have levels of negative up to now, the euro has had a particular impact on foreigners. Now he meets Switzerland with Franks. Is there any other banks following the example at Bär-Bank.

They've got a long way. The person holding more than half a million money from the Zurich people pays their 0.75% discount on everything. For the single currency, penalty payments start at 100,000 euro already.

A spokesperson confirmed the procedure, but then emphasized that the path was not introduced to every customer.

The low flat rates apply to “some customers with some big money”. The negative interest rates would be 'built against the continuing negative interest environment'.

“If the customer is paid, there is always a free allowance, for example CHF 500 & 000 for the Swiss franc.” T

Exceptions are made by Julius Baer when he is still making a good profit out of one client – by spending it on his bank deposits. Julius Baer will be reimbursed for taxes and fees.

A bear banker talks about the bad effects. It would be more difficult for managers to maintain the records of the wealthy clients on the hook.

“Our advisers are always talking to clients with a lot of money to identify investment proposals as another option,” said Bär.

Just as fast as the competition goes through, Bloomberg's message yesterday showed. Bär's large association of the Pictet, based in Geneva, is just a massive American team drawn from Zurich.

Behind him is Borgh Collardi's leader. The new Zinetic-controlled Pictet participant uses the large window on which Geneva people are poached by Bär; more than the facts that might be thinking of their bad targets.

They could then hunt for good advisers in the Swiss market. According to Bear's status, there is much uncertainty among Julius Baer.

The reason is that the leadership team is. It is thought that too many of Switzerland's chief Bär, Gian Rossi. He also had relatives, rather than a pair of cracks.

Many people think that Rossi is not the best adviser to Bank Bär. "Let more of it go," he says that a man is a tall man.

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