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Kita caregiver, René W., won the parents' trust

Carer René W. * worried three boys in a day care center St. Gallen. Previously, the 33-year-old man believed he was a clean man. In the SRF article, he even talks about transparency in the day care center – HAICBACH has the vocational support.

René W. * (33) made a warrant that he would let men go; Work in some high school roles such as footballers. But in fact, it should have been badly suffered at least three boys. In addition, the appearance of children's writing was found on his / her computer. (AUDIT)

His employer, Fiorino AG in St Gaels, was amazed on Thursday at his press conference. The headteacher was close to tears. The 33-year-old would not expect. Also, as W. always gave a clean person, as a model of director. Only in a report on the SonntagsBlick, then in October 2014 also in a contribution from the SRF regional magazine.

In a audio extract, he complained about the general suspicion of her; men, and how to shape this day. "Can I put my baby on my shell if I tell him a story? Can I grab it when it's hard, or can I play a comic picture?" the tutor. In order to raise such issues as one, yes, that had been disturbing him.

Opening a door when you're closing

But to fight the general suspicion, according to W., there would be only one thing: "Clarity is definitely the greatest," said W. in the SRF article and gave Example: "If I bring a child into the house, then leave It I always open the door. I'll communicate that I am now bringing the child in. There's nothing hidden. »

So he earned the trust of parents and his colleagues. And so a man noticed U. asked three young men. In the meantime, the doctor is out of office and has been in custody since July 2018. At that time he was arrested for the ownership of a children's pornographic. At that time it was not known that W. also lived out his pocket. (JMH)

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