Liam Neeson wanted to kill a black man for years

With statements about old revenge and murder ideas against black people, Liam Neeson's current actress was tough. In an interview with "The Independent" newspaper, the 66-year actor ("Schindler's List", "Star Wars", after losing his lover, spent days to & # 39; running through the streets to meet a black man and kill him.

The story was "real," said the man who was born in the Northern Ireland film star in the interview. After the emergence, he asked his sweetheart if she knew who did the crime.

When she said she did not, she asked her about the skin color of the people who were in her eyes. do. "She said he was a black man."

It was then pulled through the streets with blackjack. "I may have done this for a week, hoping that some black banners would come out of my bar and encourage me to kill me."

In the interview, Neeson himself disappeared from the behaviors; before. He has "embarrassed" and has learned from learning from the event. "It was awful, horrible, when I thought back to do that, and I never did it." The "need for revenge" that he already met while he was a growing up during conflict in Northern Ireland.

Neeson interview statements caused the social networks angry. Internet users helped the actor of religion. Neeson is currently advertising for his new "Cold Pursuit" movie, including an interview with the Independent. In the real eye, the son of a man named Neeson was killed by a drug gang. Then the father will hunt the sheets.

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