Martin Andermatt: "Nati Manager is interested in me"

Asylum seekers can act as director of Nati in the Shredder. Does Martin Andermatt benefit?

Spycher, Gerber, Heitz, Sutter, Knup, Knäbel, Bickel. All: no. Nobody wants to be Nati manager. Will Martin Andermatt (57), who is still sitting on the board of Hannover 96, will continue?

It does not matter what the job looks like – it is likely that Andermatt is fulfilled. Eleven-eleven Nati was a coach in Frankfurt and Ulm, in the Super League and in the amateur garden. He was a sports director, director and training in the Liechtenstein society, Hannover's youth management and management board. The only one with football experience in the chairman of the former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder is the chairman.

Andermatt was introduced by the great President of Martin Kind as a personal advisor for two and a half years ago. Sass in a sports committee with manager Horst Heldt, sports director Gerhard Zuber and coach. "I can only make suggestions there," said Andermatt. For example, to raise Sékou Sanogo from YB. "It would have been perfect for the Parnish Schwegler to be kept free," he thinks. The rest of the panel seemed to think otherwise.

And Andermatt lost more and more desires for her jobless job. "I helped to shape the season, and that's the title on an uninventional revival. Also the new youth center. Now there is an order, the structures which was created. I told the club that's why I was no longer involved in the design of the current season. The formal notice will be given in the next few days.

That means: Andermatt is free for the work of the Nati Manager. "Work that interests me," he says, is not regarded as a dealer. "No, no. But I'm a clear word of words. Why should I go out?"

He does not have a problem that he was not in Siebnerliste. "For anything, I understand the situation of the other candidates. On the other hand, I do not have to do that if I'm not sure."

His own ideas. Is a lot "But being able to say something concrete, I need to know the views of the SFV first." That may happen very quickly.

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