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Much and uncontrollable – Airbus will have an A380 output stop – News

  • European dishes and the European Airbus defensive body have been in a position to have a " representing the largest A380 jet in the world.
  • After Arabian Emirates's pressure reduced its order, there was no basis for ongoing production, Airbus said.
  • The final delivery for the A380 is registered for 2021.

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3:30 mins off Rendez-gu's destination from 14.10.2016

Emirates is the largest A380 user. The airline has decided to reduce the A380 orders from 162 to 123 devices. In the next two years, 14 A380s were left. As a result, Airbus will complete its delivery in 2021, its company said.

The passengers have been a big contributor to the company for a while. In recent years, the airline had virtually ordered a model. Airbus was in danger of discharging. Recently, the company has made its annual production down from up to 30 devices over a period of just six.

3500 places affected

As a result of the Emirates decision there was no important order of order and therefore there is no basis for continuity, Chief Executive Tom Enders said.

Airbus will continue to engage with the social partners over the next few weeks on the 3,000 to 3,500 jobs that may affect over the next three years. But there are plenty of opportunities for internal work changes.

Air Giant parts are made at several Airbus locations in Europe. Swiss Ruag's protection and technology group has also made components as the wing for the large plane.


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