Naturally, a high blood pressure will be laid down: & you may not need to add any extra medication

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Daily medication – that is the number of medicines. droma patients. But that may come to an end, if you follow the following seven councils.

Almost all third Germanians suffer from adversely affected – an investigation by Robert Koch Institute. There is no reason for this, typically a mixture of genetic genitalism and unhealthy lifestyle that causes a blood pressure cause unacceptable – with adverse effects such as hearts and strokes.

There are ways and ways to reduce this. There is a German society for a & # 39; break-tight and ban (high-rise league) that admit that half of them are all Heart attacks and strokes were avoidedif you would do something about a bad hand in time.

Low blood pressure without medication

If the blood pressure is already too high, it is often only a cure to help. But those who care for themselves and live to health can reduce the medication – except in consultation with the doctor present. Those who have only slightly increased levels can first try to reduce their blood pressure without medication, The

Who every day a daytime stream, a & # 39; often include fast food and do not play any sport, a risk of high blood patients. In order to hamper sense (and also increase high levels), the leak of leavers change a healthy lifestyle.

Warentest Stiftung was published: With these agents you will reduce its & # 39; high blood pressure, The

Do you have a high blood pressure?

Naturally low blood pressure with these tips

The general overview of natural antihypertensics:

  • ro-throm reduced
  • less alcoholic Drinking (not every day and when, at least 30 grams – that's about 0.6 liters of leeks or two glasses of wine)

Wine glass per day That's why even alcohol is causing your brain to be damaged, The

  • a & # 39; smoking best to give
  • regularly fun exercise (fun sports such as bowling or swimming especially for heart and circulation)
  • smaller salt eat
  • in general to eat fairer (Sausage and smoked fat – which is better to avoid butter, meat, milk and nut-nut oil)
  • Do not take weight or to make up for balance (to help with a daily routine with gentle oases)

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Ten healthy foods

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