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One out of four people with HIV infection do not know about disease

Berlin (dpa) – After bad occupation in the previous year, a few people in Germany were arrested by HIV virus. The number of new diseases in 2017 is estimated at around 2700, reporting that Robert Koch Institute (RKI).
For the previous years 2014 to 2016, it includes 2900 new diseases according to the model calculations; at present. The numbers are renumbered annually, since HIV was detected in many situations just a year after its disease.
Compared to this advanced development, in Germany in previous years, the number of people who had a disease, who is still not aware of the disease, reviewed, a slight increase: from around 10,800 in late 2011 to around 11,400 in late 2017.
This case is also marked by UNAIDS UN annual report, launched Thursday in Côte d'Ivoire. Accordingly, 25 per cent of those with diseases around the world do not know that they are HIV-positive – that's about 9.4 million people. In 2015, the department was even higher, at 33 per cent.
The situation in the West and mid Africa is particularly difficult: only six per cent of the global population, only one-third of around 9.4 million people who did not know HIV. UNAIDS will get the estimates by using a data model. According to numbers, there were 36.9 million people worldwide in HIV in 2017, compared to 36.3 million in the previous year.
According to RKI, there were around 86,000 people living with HIV in Germany at the end of 2017. "Thanks to the work that successfully prevents and cures well, Germany is already one of the countries with the lowest HIV infection rates in Europe, "Jens Spahn's Federal Health Minister (CDU) said. He indicated that they wanted to reduce the number of new diseases further and describing, for example, on the HIV tests that are now over the next. case.
The RKI sees a reason for its & # 39; downturn in the expansion of test offerings for some target groups. In particular, these are homosexual and two-dimensional, where the number of new diseases fell from 2300 in 2013 to 1700 a year ago. They were willing to try to & # 39; This "more likely" group is also increased as users everyday applications in a profile that continue to improve HIV status statements and the final test date, it is said.
In addition, the beginning of medicine about HIV-positive people in Germany demonstrates success, says the RKI. 92 per cent of those affected were in accordance with the previous year's report in handling. As German Aids-Hilfe explained, began to be cure from 2015 just after his & her; the earlier, it was only the highest stages of the case. The decline in "numbers" appeared, "he said.
The number of people with uninhabited disease in homosexual and persistent people has declined. There has been an increase in new infections in recent years. According to RKI, they are often not aware of the risk of HIV. This allowed people to test as often. In women, most HIV diagnoses will first be done in current animation screening.
In addition, it is estimated that 6,000 people in this country have been diagnosed with the disease but have not yet been addressed. This can be, for example, people without papers or health insurance. According to the UN report, around half of the world-affected people will not cause the blood to sink in their blood. This may be due to the fact that a patient is not being treated or is not successful.
According to the RKI report, a number of thousands of people in Germany already have medication to prevent HIV infection. The premature showcase (PrEP) known in the EU was adopted since 2016 and is available in Germany since the autumn of 2017 at more affordable prices. According to the RKI assessment, however, he still plays a "vital part" in the development of the figures to the end of 2017. The German-German Aids see the differences: It looked like it was; Increasing its impact, he explained his & # 39; group.
HIV is usually triggered during sex. If care is handled, a disease will continue to be & # 39; damaging the body's defensive system and then to death. With medicines, however, the development of the AIDS is very immunodeficiency today. If healing successfully, the viral device in a group of HIV-positive people may have to leave so much, according to RKI, that it is Checking "transcript is not bigger".

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