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"Out of the way" – FDP does not need to reorganize the framework agreement – News

  • Bundeshausfraktion of the FDP states that the agreement is a negotiation framework with the EU.
  • She did that in her conference on the Framework Agreement between Switzerland and the European Union.
  • Federal FDP Council and Foreign Minister, Ignazio Cassis, participated in taking an idea within his & her; party.

The debate was good and lasted more than two hours longer than announced. A "clear" group told the framework agreement, Beat Walti (ZH) said Saturday afternoon the media. Against the SRF the faction leader meant: «this is a decision for a reason».

Walti decided to provide legal certainty, which would reinforce market opportunities within the EU and the clear rules that could be created for the development of the two-dimensional path as reasons for approving the framework agreement. "We believe that there is a well-negotiated agreement that is applicable to Switzerland and has its potential."

The economy is, not to reach EU

The economic arguments were at the heart of the FDP. Petra Gössi's Party President said that organization that stands up with the economy. The European Union is the most important trading partner in Switzerland.

In addition, the FDP faction is trying to save a two-way track. This should not be declined, because it defends the EU's fairness, the FDP does not want, Gössi said.

It's not «window dressers»

In fact, there are also specific concerns in the FDP. However, there are no reservations to record the revision scheduled, Walti's drug director said. Since the EU is not denying such a thing, this would be a # 39; make a window.

But in three points, the Liberals still have to make boundaries. The first point of the EU Citizenship Guide, which was taken out of the Framework Agreement, is the second one of the pay protection, in accordance with the FDP that should not be severely weakened, and the third man the clause of guileotine, which needs to be proportionate.

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