Pilatus Arena's fast-skilled captain in Kriens Mattenhof should have up to 110 meters

Now begins public participation for Pilatus Arena in Kriens. Compared to plans earlier, the decoration is now higher – up to 110 meters instead of a height of 103 meters. A new investor is also aboard – this is already recognized from such a project.

Stefan Dähler

A view of the planned Pilatus Arena and a 110-meter elevation. (Vision: PD)

A view of the planned Pilatus Arena and a 110-meter elevation. (Vision: PD)

You have already built the Swissporarena with the residential roofs. Now it's coming again for Pilatus Arena at the Kriens-Mattenhof train station to work with the construction companies Eberli Sarnen and Halter AG Zurich. Managers announced this project on Monday afternoon at an information event in the Kriens townhouse. Eberli was already known as a repository, now Halter could have been winning for his project. Another targeter is Helvetia Versicherungen.

In terms of funding, the 200-million-franc project, which includes two towers of salt as well as a hall for 4,000 spectators, appears, on the right road. Politically, it is now an important step: Wednesday, public participation in the & # 39; development plan and start-up regional zone change. It will last until March 22.

At the information event, some changes have been made in comparison to previous plans. Therefore, the residential building is higher by the Mattenhof station to measure a measure of 110 meters. So far, there was a dialogue of 103 meters. The Mattenplatz's second home has a degree degree.

Mattenplatz's geometric earthquake as its destination

Why is this change? As a technical reservation was included, the smaller house was expected to be slightly higher. But from the perspective of Kriens Town Council, the collection of other buildings built on Mattenplatz is better than 50 meters. There are other residential towers with a height of up to 50 meters. As a result, the other building may be slightly higher, but that does not mean that the 110 meters are fully used, the browsers said.

All 410 rooms are designed – a & # 39; including 170 contracts. Approximately 100 of the 240 rented apartments will become modular. The sliding elements are planned so that the shape of the room can be changed as needed.

The concept for the hall has also changed. Compared to the architecture competition, two stands have now been designed instead of one in the senior session, as the following image shows; shows:

(Vision: PD)

(Vision: PD)

"That gives us more flexibility," said Nick Christen, who was a director of his / her. ball ball club Kriens-Lucerne. So you could stop the high level and close the dark at smaller times, the low level would not be; best to fill, which makes for more mood. The upper mountains will be taken back, and two dual folders should be made as a result of the day-to-day work. Therefore, the range can be used for school and university sport as well as other events such as concerts. For this reason, flexible parts are planned.

What's up to date? Following public participation, Kriens's town council will submit their development plan and the department will participate go to the advice of residents. If a referendum is not taken, the building license should be available in 2020 and the beginning of construction in March 2021. The Pilatus Arena would be completed during the 2022/2023 season, 2024 homes.

So far, it was said that the incubation event would be in 2019 or 2020 – although it was always clear that this was a real athlete. As a place for Winter Universiade 2021, the hall is now out of & # 39; question.

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