Prince Philip will allow a driver's license after an accident

After the catastrophe in Babingley, Prince Philip's 97-year-old is now leaving the driver's license.

Prince Philip has "after a long time of reflection" decided to take the driver's license voluntarily after a car crash. This was reinforced by Buckingham Palace on Saturday night.

The 97-year-old man dropped off after his car was taken back in a fight with another vehicle on the A149 at Babingley last year (recited by Blick).

Her Prince was worried about suffering

A little later after he saw again his armor – without belt! At the same time, the disaster suffered from Emma Fairweather spoke: there is no excuse and no desire for revival has reached. That was disturbing the 46-year-old. The Royals wanted to cover the crash, Fairweather told them.

Eventually, the Duke of Edinburgh joined her in a letter: "I'm really sorry for this injury. I wish you are getting faster than this terrible experience." But now he has made a decision to completely drive. From today it will not be moved.

Prince Philip was an enthusiastic driver: in 2016, the second coupled Barack President and Michelle Obama joined him. Queen of Windsor Castle estate when they visited the UK. (Unit Tractor)

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