Roger Federer, the best tennis player in the year, is returning to sand

John Isner has lost after his plain defeat by Roger Federer. Photo: AP / AP

The best tennis player in 2019 is Roger Federer – and now returns to sand.

Roger Federer wins in Miami not only his 101th title but also a deeply uncertainty.

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Roger Federer did not meet any of his biggest rivals on his route to fourth title in Miami after 2005, 2006 and 2017: not Novak Djokovic, which failed in the last sixteen years. And it's not on Rafael Nadal, who trained for the first time on Sunday in his home on Mallorca on sand. He was the opponent in Miami the American man John Aner, after all, the defense champion, the master of the aces. But against Federer he had a sharp sharp instrument. By 6: 1, 6: 4 Federer he won the title 101th, 28th at the Masters competition, the first one from Shanghai 2017.

Federer had reached his final in Indian Wells but was not affected by a player from the top 20. Water on mills was the ones who complained that Federer had been guilty of months at the biggest events. Since Wimbledon 2017 (except for ATP Competitions) has entered any competition more than a player from the top ten attackers. Although he did not chase Nadal and Djokovic in Miami, but with Anderson and Isner both players from the elite circle. Add to that called Medvedev and Shapovalov.

Federer is recommended by Hünen Isner. Photo: AP / AP

Leadership in annual status

Federer himself said he had a great feeling in Australia, where he failed Stefanos Tsitsipas in the last sixteen years. "But I knew I needed to show a response." He made a very good effort to do it: in Dubai he won his 100th title, in Indian Wells, so it reached the final and now won in Miami. “I'm glad I was right. That I'm right with my feelings. "He didn't have many questions about his game." It comes naturally. "

Top 10 in the "Race To London".

In world standards a Federer will improve to fourth place, in its even annual status. These are numbers and winners of any warrant. But they give him hope for the uncertainty ahead. For the start of the job Federer wants a competition in Madrid again for the first time in three years on sand. After all, he gained 11 of the 101 titles of his foundation, growing up. He finished his Grand Slam career at Roland Garros in 2009, where he was four more times in the final, but each one had failed one of the winners of Nadal.

Rare memories of sand

The memories on the last shows are less beautiful. Three months after his left knee, the Federer played in Monte Carlo and Rome in 2016. "It was terrible." And "the shaky knee" as if it were not. To sand courts he turned into a big bow attack. Too many people were afraid of bad injuries. Too much weight of the joints.

For a few years, Roger Federer has been afraid of serious injury to sand, now he returns. Photo: AP / AP

But he will not think of returning it completely. Sand reminds her of her youth. His first degree in the Ciba-Geigy TC in Allsearch, on areas that are no longer available. The meeting was addressed to the Old Town Basel Bas at St Galler-Ring 225. By Marco Chiudinelli and Danny Schnyder. And where he met his first coach, Peter Carter. It says: "Was it a summer or winter? I ever played on sand."

Anyone who hears can talk about the game on sand today, thinking it is taking his love out of green green and bringing it to the red soil. It raises the angle play. That sand is as early as a severe court on hot days. Number of ways to get a point. "That makes me very encouraging." Last year's competition proved to be very popular, now it is certain. One of the stories is in the spring. Federer looks quietly at it: Now he is sure that he is able to even grow in the biggest competitions.

All competitions are won by Roger Federer as a professional

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