Secret funding activities Peter Spuhler from Stadler Rail

Peter Spuhler played the bank once before, when a railway company wanted trains but did not have enough money. He was thus entitled to three train fleets.

Peter Spuhler (60) is a good businessman who is not prepared to debate. He has produced a small company of 18 staff with a consortium of 8,500 workers worldwide. But Spuhler is also a rascal, as a report in the exhibitions "SonntagsZeitung". He also plays a bank once for a valuable job.

So the bargains went: Stadler Stop Spuhler helped for orders by supporting customers by giving financial uniforms from his private cover. “There will always be customers who want to buy from Stadler Rail, but they cannot afford to pay. For them, I set up special purpose-built vehicles under the auspices of PCS Holding to promise financial support, and Stadler got the contract, "said Spuhler. And he says:" In this way I got three train fleet. "

Sweden, Estonia and Austria

In particular, this had been the case with three railway companies in Sweden, Estonia and Austria. The Estonian State Railway's Spurhier euros and the private MTR Express private car paid 90 million francs. In thanks, two of their special vehicles became owners of the trains they bought from Stadler Rail.

In the newspaper "SonntagsZeitung", Spuhler indicates that these funding instruments are one of the reasons for the Stadler's public offer: "I was guilty of my private PCS struggling to deal with Stadler's sell-out efforts to strengthen the sturdy fortunes of the strong French fans – we are now strengthening the building's financial base so that it can be ready for the next stage in Stadler's growth.

The public takes up to 1.7 billion Swiss francs

According to experts, Spuhler paid 1.2 to 1.7 billion Swiss sausages when it goes into the public. This money was designed to “further develop my existing ranks in Stadler, Autoneum, Rieter and Aebi Schmidt” and earn more shares.

The IPO is Railler Rail dares

Interview with Peter Spuhler

Peter Spuhler is also keen to return money to Stadler Rail. "In increasing capital, I would make sure my sector was not weakened." For customers after the IPO, there is an opportunity to support them with one side. (Pfu)

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