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Surprise! Also, there is IT

The "Dance Dance" professional dancers were named. In addition to Massimo Sinató, 38, and Christian Polanc, 40, Isabel Edvardsson, 36, will be back again. A famous woman should be particularly happy about it.

These professional dancers are "Let's Dance"

Now it's not long and "Let's Dance" go to the next round. In the meantime, the famous dancers who go to the floor from 15 March have long been known.

It's just a question about it 14 professionals still open. Many questions were particularly interested in many: Isabel Edvardsson was the boss; going to dance again? Due to the birth of Mika's sons, the Swede abducted last year. Now it's clear: yes, the 36-year-old is spinning the dance floor again. At Instagram, Isabel Edvardsson confirmed the good news:

I'm glad I can say now … Let's dance, I'm back ?. What a brilliant, brilliant show! I'm so grateful for every year that allowed me to shape! And now I'm coming back and I'm very happy with the expectation! Yeeeaaahhhh (…)

And the rest "Let's dance"Blieblinge how Massimo Sinató, Christian Polanc, Erich Klann, Kathrin Menziger and Ekaterina Leonova are back. Also in the dancing competition is Renata and Valentin Lusin and secret weapon Marta Arndt, Robert Beitsch, Katja Kalugina, Christina, Regina Luca and Evgeny Vinokurov.

Is Isabel Edvardsson a dance with Kerstin Ott?

But not only does the fans on the screen be happy to participate in a friendly Swede participation. too Kerstin Ott the message will definitely smile you. The singer had already said in advance that she would like to dance with her beautiful boy.

Isabel my companion is a dream, I would really like that (…). I think that's really appealing and I'm going to see it. Thinking that this would also be a very good inter-personal service, we would understand each other. That would be important to me!

she said opposite "RTL", Now, Kerstin Ott moves slightly closer to its goal. Of the famous dances in the end with which a professional, the observer learns, however, only on Friday, March 15 at 20:15 a clock.

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