Tesla will be the customer database (including videos) without encryption

Complicated information was removed from this car … screenshot: cnbc.com

Tesla will be the customer database (including videos) without encryption

The sensitive data stored in the Eletroautos of the US manufacturer can be accessed by a third party, as can be seen by two travelers.

The computers in Tesla cars seem to store videos, sites and navigation data. The information is collected so that accidents can be found. But data from smart smartphones such as phone calls are also recorded. This car also benefits from renting a car and car-sharing cars.

Now two white hunters have been reported to the US television network, CNBC, that it is easy to find the information. Except: They are not encrypted.

"White Hat" passengers are security experts, some of whom use mitigating methods to monitor computer and IT systems for vulnerability.

Encouragingly: The electric car manufacturer sells customers goods for around $ 1,000, so they can access their own data. This is necessary, for example, in cases of damage and insurance. Electronic vehicles will be broken in waste gardens – where everyone will have access to the sensitive information, which has the necessary equipment and expertise.

What Tesla says about that

A Tesla spokesperson says the company already offers customers a way to protect their data by relocating to a factory setting. This would remove personal information and individual preferences.

In addition, "valet fashion" which, amongst other things, contains personal information is hidden if the owners of a vehicle bring their car for a short period of time in foreign hands.

Tesla had come in the next few months and again with bad news. In February, for example, an outgoing consumer magazine attracted the purchase of a Tesla Model 3.

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