The Duchess of Kate have & # 39; A protest about life as a triple mom

The Duchess of Kate are very open and honest about her difficulties as a mother of three children. But Prince William's wife has not been able to do so; gone anyway.

The Duchess of Kate, 37, were & # 39; talks about being a mother at the Family Action event and revealed that it was sometimes difficult for her, as a member of the Royal family. «Being a cruel mother. There is still much support at the start, especially if the child is still very young. But when the child is old, he's all gone away, "she said in her speech.

Children Kate, Prince George (5), Princess Charlotte (3) and Prince Louis (9 months) keep her Duchess busy. She also says: "Everyone gets the same problems." But Prince William's wife (36) get vigorous support. She has a great deal of training as Maria Borrallo, who is a child carer with her.

Problems despite Nanny

Aid that most mothers do not. But according to the "Colorful", Kate has already spoken in 2017 because she is sometimes tough of care even though she has been a nail. "It was so fascinating and amazing for me to be a mother. Despite this, it has been a huge challenge occasionally. Even if I have the support of the house, there are not many mothers, "said Kate at that time. (EUC)

They travel together again

Willie sings about the painting of Kate

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