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The FC Aarai leave in important points Kriens – 2: 2 after picking up in second half – Regional Sports (AZ) – Sport

Change has broken? A remedy that Peter usually refused to go back. A charge for the FC Aara coach was also made, and the wait is too long for the first player to swap. T

But this first half of his team in Kriens was extremely weak and fantastic steps were needed. Two frame players early placed a shower. Not only, but the main player Stefan Maierhofer (9 goals in this season) and Varol Tasar (6). Clearer, the coach could not sign up.

Frame Account

Goran Karanovic and Petar Misic came from Maierhofers and Tasars. The double change which the A tPage 4 t4 idea was used by Ayr FC to recover his feet is: Misic and Karanovic are the ones that make the decision 2-2 out of 0-2 draw and the team will conclude with a final which will conclude in the final. The season could be very valuable.

68. Summary: Misic plays an excellent kit in the defense of Krienser, meeting Karanovic ponds and 1: 2.

80th: Again, Misic is the person who sent out a passage to the torch Linus Obexer. In a direct burn attempt, Krienser is going past, so the Jancevski referee has no choice but to give a penalty. Karanovic, strengthened by his first goal, will be taking on his responsibilities and pointing out 2: 2.

Laughing – it's no coincidence, because the FCA coach confirms again and again: It has run the 27 games so far, 96 venues. This resulted in two aims and five goals. The second best value behind Alain Geiger at Servette (22 "representatives").

The aims are trying to think

As well as Rahmen, Karanovic and Misic, the fourth track has a license to write the point on his banner: Djordje Nikolic. Again. Already on Saturday in the home game against Schaffhausen (3: 2), the player who played the FCA with iconic marches on the road to victory. He did not have enough employment in Kriens, but without Nikolic's great savings (two before and two after the break), the guests on his journey home would leave Aarau empty.

Passing, bringing, face, creativity, you can extend the list of equipment installed by the Azerbaijan in the first half t . In measures, the appearance of a pomad, even standing too, seemed to be too large.

The warning signals were only weak in the descendants: On the one hand, only a hand out of 3: 0 lead from the Schaffhausen game, which showed that the slightest decline in this symmetrical league would be punished. And then SC Kriens, who put just one smaller point than the FCA (17 vs. 16) in the eight before.

Faced with 0: 2, Aarau was bigger. In addition to the goals Dzonlagic and Siegrist agreed and the two married to Nikolic's clips, Kriens also hit the post and sent twice from the best place at the gate.

The best result is this night » t

The FCA coach frame would also have to think about how his team supported the aims: At the right time: 1: 1 Marco Thaler was boiling, the penalty to 0: 2 causing Nicolas Schindelholz backwards after a loss of ownership.

"The best thing about this night is the night," said Rahmen. It's right: After 2: 2 Achara needs Nikolic's two times faster and the help of football doses (Latteschuss Sukacev). Location: "This time, the bad thing came at the start and the good thing came to an end. If we lifted Vaduz on Saturday, where we stopped against Kriens, I am confident."

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