The post will work against «wisdom» advertisers

Swiss Post provides unsolicited promotional letters to the Swiss families. So readers have read to the Tamedia editors. In the letters the state campaign advertises that they will be able to provide the written customer samples. But this is only possible if there is no sticker on the post box indicating “Don't advertise” or “Stop advertising”.

Swiss Post has received help in this situation: In the promotional letter there is a sticker with the words "Advertising OK". This could be carried across an existing flag, it says in the letter.

Post requires funding streams

It is likely that many users will be familiar with the project. Since 2015, Swiss Post has been writing to households to encourage them to experiment with examples such as bouillon cubes and muesli packets. As the company checks when they ask for, there are two other activities planned in the current year – despite ongoing criticism from customers, consumers and consumers. T national parliament.

Each home will receive the corresponding adverts in spring and autumn. Anyone who chooses to take part in those days will receive a sample of each month's sampling between April and June.

With such letters, the Post wants to influence customers in respect of promotional offers. Photo: PD

The consumer protection basis focuses on the acts of the giant giant. As a result of the ongoing campaign, the organization has already received a number of complaints from consumers who were already unhappy. In principle, the post office does not do something prohibited and respects the banning of advertising in the post boxes.

But: "Users must know that there's a trick on the job at Job," said Alex von Hettlingen, consumer protection spokesperson. "If shoppers remove the forbidden crop, they don't just throw samples, but also tonnes of other advertising."

That's the intention at the post office. The company wants to have as many households as possible to give their post boxes suitable for advertising. The appointment will attract all the advertising posts that are delivered. New sources of finance are needed because the traditional mail industry is still under pressure. So the number of letters for digitization has been going down for a number of years.

Politics is looking

With the ability to deliver examples, Swiss Post is getting new customers, according to the company. Those that are right for those corporate customers leave the post office unaided by mentioning the commercial confidentiality. François Furer is a malting agent who works as a "buyer." As a result, Swiss Post carries out the work in towns and cities, where it is High density of shopping centers Finally, Swiss Post's business customers want to sell their products.

Strangely, Swiss Post operates a campaign of goods samples with the blessing of the owner. In 2016, on the subject of the topic, the Federal Council, which represented Switzerland Federation, responded: "This does not advertise with advertisements that do not belong to the basic service. T this industry is an important industry for Swiss Post, which has employment in distribution, which makes up much of the infrastructure and contributes to public service funding.

During that time Lisa Mazzone, the National Geneva Consultant for the Gentiles, wanted answers from the state government. Added to this newspaper about a new occupation, the politician says: "I don't share the idea of ​​the Bundesrat."

It is unacceptable for the public that the post office offers "proper advertising" stickers only and not "no adverts" stickers. “We should start with the principle that people don't want advertising, and not apart,” said Mazzone. So he is considering re-referring to the Federal Council on this issue. “But it is equally important that consumers tell themselves and express themselves dissatisfied, for example, directly at Switzerland Post," said the Green Party.

There is a darker option offered by customer protection. Anyone who removes a post from a post office or sent a letter to a letter, will have a keen look at "a stop of advertising".

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Created: 01.04.2019, 16:16

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