There is no Fool – Up / Down keyboard, which doesn't exist

The players are in the Swiss League as a disgrace. Langenthal and La Chaux-de-Fonds would have been hampered by the increase in locations everywhere.

Meanwhile the departure of Solothurn tradition club EHU Olten from Swiss League players, it would be necessary for the National League leader to be made of it to just pull in the competitions and stops right away. . T However, the key interest of those involved in this indirect issue is not obvious.

Instead, you leave the public (paying customers) in the middle, building a false pinpoint that is not in reality with the player and the Final of the Swiss League.

Langenthal or La Chaux-de-Fonds would have suffered by almost every treatment. Financial strength and infrastructure is not sufficient to meet (growing) requirements in the classroom – but yet these clubs have been admitted to the league for promotion.

The final of a game between Davos's warrior hero and the new Rapperswil-Jona merchant is sold as a vehicle that affects life. Under an emergency shape for emergency, it has long been in locked rooms between Geneva and Davos, and that games are no longer used – or in other words: Is t is a game of gold.

Schläpfer speaks clear text – so far more

Kevin Schläpfer, recently employed at SC Langenthal as sports director, spoke on Saturday night in MySports studio in his open way as the first flag in the sewing box. You must position yourself, save money, put more emphasis on young people. A challenge for Davos or the Lakers to be different.

La Chaux-de-Fonds, the last Swiss warrior from Switzerland (1973), is already using all his resources in an area which is structurally weak. For the National League Neuchatel would have to double its budget anyway. In addition, the poor infrastructure of Patinoire des Mélèzes. The Swiss League competition is not an invaluable title, but has no other significance to the contrary. Unfortunately, this is not a joke when in April.


Comment by Ice Hockey Chief Stephan Roth

Only up and down is the best

In fact, there is a blemish of spirit. So waiting for Rapperswil -Jona and Davos for months on the final game play. But now almost everybody understands that the lost person has one thing because the Langenthal or La Chaux-de-Fonds are unable to climb. But officially there is silence in the forest.

The league certificate is played. The Swiss League teams have long understood that you can apply for a pro forma without threat of danger. So you make sure your income case is at least two household games. And if needed, let the players know that they shouldn't stand up to meet the old ladies – just as it happened.

So, you barely know one difference, one fan. The league must communicate early, who can easily – and stop the game as quickly as it is near. Or she must make the change.

The best thing would be just down the hill and uphill anyway. A more restrictive stance would be blocked from the start, as it would be a good chance for you to return. But as long as NL clubs think about their interests, it doesn't happen.

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