These foods have little calories

Updated on 08 February 2019, 15:39

How do you get healthy? Vegetables and fruit are better kept! This is an extensive vision of food that can be used to a large extent without unconnected consciousness, as they are low in calories and physical wellbeing.

Who wants to take care of his line and live healthy, he should know about calorie content in food. Our overall vision is to show food you can eat without going to; Feeling guilty because it is low in inclinations.

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The meat needs to be different: red squirrels are very high in calories, there is a meat fillet around 190 calories per 100 grams. But her chicken is a performing much better – only about 75 calories per 100 grams.

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Rich in high quality protein and essential vitamins, although clams are found in calories: healthy trout and only 100 grams account for about 50 calories.

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An apple contains only about 54 calories per 100 grams. For example, lower blood pressure apples and cholesterol levels. Only the rough dimensions of anti-spyware, which carry their behavior, nest the picture for all kinds of fruit.

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There are also 47 calories per 100 grams: healthy tubes are helpful in the face of diabetes. In addition, they are the experts facing the age of getting older, who are at least a? slowly pulling our age out of need.

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Not only are fiber rich animals, they have only 36 inches per 100 grams. In addition, carotene is highest among all (green) vegetables. Vegetable colors contain carotenoids that are antioxidants in a & # 39; body and can prevent illnesses such as cancer, suffering, Alzheimer's and to grow to a & # 39; skin.

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There are also healthy fruit in otters (32 calories per 100 grams). Scientists have discovered that they prevent heart disease and diabetes

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She is the director in fruit: just 30 calories have 100 grams of watermelon. It is not surprising that the product is 96 percent water. With its vitamins and minerals, it can be considered one of the most salient foods.

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The ankle is also low calorie (26 calories per 100 grams). And even more: US researchers have found out in chronic cancer patients and kelp growth, special tumor cells can be stopped.

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Just 21 ports per 100 grams: even streets are even in calories and even help to; burn extra calories. In addition, paprika contains folic acid and vitamin B6, which is a? reduce the risk of heart disease.

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It helps with severe problems, disease and malice, diabetes and the bladder problems: asparagus will be availed of; Driving and destroying the body and it is very low in calories: just 16 calories per 100 grams are to be arranged.

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Radiators can eat endlessly, as only 100 grams are only 16 calories. The radiators have a lot of fiber, on the top of that discharge and to grow.

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100 grams of Chinese kites are just 13 calories, but they cover a quarter of the daily requirement of vitamin C. In addition, it is rich in high quality amino acids and vegetable prod. Unlike most of the other types, it's good to be handled – and it's not & # 39; smell so bad …

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With 12 calories per 100 grams, the ones that are full of face: to cushionate and drain the cucumbers. Detoxify, help to & # 39; suffering from heart pressure and is – always eating with a shell! – healthy supplier of cotton, minerals and fiberglass.

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