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These pains are a common sign of heart attack and stroke

Mouth pain can indicate poor illnesses

If you come to a walk after a short time for painful pain and you have to stop more, this could lead to a remote wild disease (PAOD). The misconception, called “interim judgment”, relates to an increased risk from heart attack and stroke.

Tree pain can give evidence on the clinging situation

Many people suspect a harmless reason behind pain. But they can sometimes be a sign of a serious illness. For example, these symptoms can signal an early heart attack. Behind the pain of a leg, they can describe them as they say it. The heart is endangered.

If you are feeling pain in your feet when you are walking fast, this can indicate a judgment as they say. This relates to an increased risk from heart disease and stroke. (Image: /fotolia.com)

This affected four or five million Germans

It starts with pain when you walk – often in calves: In the case of "artairial disease" (PAD), the veins in the shell and the legs are tapered.

As a result, not enough blood gets into the legs and it comes to pain as the muscle cells in the calves are not getting enough oxygen and nutrients.

In Germany, four to five million people suffer disorderly around the circulation of boats (atherosclerosis or arteriosclerosis).

Because it is often victims that victims are sweeping away as a result of the pain, PAOD is also described as an “interim judgment”.

High risk of heart attack and stroke

"PAD is about a huge risk of heart disease and stroke," warning professor of cardiology. Dr. med. MED. Dietrich Andresen, Chief Executive of the German Heart Foundation, is reporting.

“Anyone who recognizes the first mark of a temporary judgment should speak to your doctor as soon as possible. "

This also applies to a pain that you need when laying down in the path, especially when you rise to relief.

Unless the person picked up a PAOD, which is also commonly known as a smoker's leg, can detect food in other parts of the body such as the carotid artery, the brain, kidneys and their hearts without leaving treatment.

The result, for example, is an issue when atherosclerosis has made significant progress. A simple survey can quickly determine the position of the ships.

5 hold of heart attacks

Sometimes the indicators are not considered to be heartburn, but the following features should be carefully taken.

If they fail to manage, the symptoms will be raised

If the interim pressure is not noted, the circulation of blood in the legs and breast tissue becomes worse and the symptoms are beginning to rise.

Depending on the circumstances, the PAD is divided into four phases by doctors:

I have the vests restricted in stage I have no complaints. At level II, victims feel the pain explained above while they are walking. In level III, the symptoms not only show concern, but already in peace.

Then it will have a big impact on Level IV: "If blood is then recurbed and if the contents go out, they'll have to make an ulcer or not." Professor MED. Dr. s. c. Klaus Mathias, a psychologist and expert in sea-rescue medicine (Dortmund).

“But if the proven disease is detected well time and treated so often, it can be temporarily delayed.”

Illness and medicine

As the Crown Constitution writes, a simple test can be tested by the PAD: the doctor scan the pulse in the womb and legs and measures the blood pressure of the blood. and the footprints.

If their veins are weakened or even absent, or their weight reduced, the diagnosis is "PAD". A high level can then measure the size of vascular disease.

As a rule, doctors recommend a lifestyle change: Patients, among other things, should stop smoking, eat healthily and exercise regularly, 30-40 minutes a day.

“In critical cases, however, it is necessary to reclaim a blood battle through a minor mode,” explains Dr med. MED. Sigrid Nikol, chief clinician of Clinical and Interim Ecology. Clinic Asklepios St. Georg in Hamburg.

"Different catheter types can restore normal blood flow."

The catheter, a small tube, is developed through the blood vessels to their density and the vessel is expanded from the inside. In some cases, a stent is used. As a rule, the interventions are lower and more difficult.

5 signs in a stroke

Such strokes are often not immediately identified, but immediate action is required. Here are 5 marks for a stroke.

Factors of risk of diabetes and enforcement

Heart patients should pay particular attention to the first indication of interim judgment, as is the same purpose of PAOD for coronary heart disease (CHD):

Investments make the blood vessels that narrow the vessels over the years – calcify the brain (atherosclerosis).

While these objects are created throughout everyone's life, the extent is that the genetic characteristics, way of life and variety of situations which already exist are the most important.

Among other things, smoking, smoking, mellitus disease (diabetes) and lipid lip disorders contribute to the effect on arteriosclerosis.

Because there can be decomposition of brains and brains in the brain, there is a greater risk for people with atherosclerosis to be involved in assaulting.

“Patients with a PAOD should always take care of the signs of heart disease or heart failure,” said a skilled expert.

Patients with such heart disease should, however, be shown for PAD. (AD)

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