Training of railway staff – one dead, wounded

At 9 o'clock the TILO S-Bahn hit two railway workers and was severely injured. One of the jobs died shortly after his wound.

In the morning, Airolo TI a & # 39; suffering bad incidents. At about 9 hours, the TILO S-Bahn is hit two railway workers and are seriously injured. As the RSI reports, one of the two who suffer from & # 39; suffering out soon after he was injured.

The other wounded person is brought to the hospital with the Rega helicopter. Much of his situation, no more information. The accident happened at Gotthard's toll door.

Both of the staff were waiting for the railings when the train came in. From 10 clocks, the wide route of the Gotthard Railway is closed. Passengers in the regional trains to Glen Leventina need to use special buses. Train traffic is expected to close at 1pm.

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