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Very good health These foods should be taken into account

These wings, soft drinks and pizza is unhealthy, obvious. But there are also many healthy people foodnot living according to their reputation. Here you can find out what the things are.

For a breakfast with rainy and a small white grain? Surely healthy food really here we'll solve, that's a & # 39; apply.

Warning is marked when:

  1. Finished grain
    Beautiful Granola for breakfast It's not a good idea always! Often there are more than 15 grams of sugar in packed languages ​​with packs of 100 grams, making calories very calories. So, make your own love at home.
  2. smoothies
    By misleading fruit, unfortunately, you do not always do a good thing to the body. There will be up to eight packages of sugar per service. However, anyone who likes to mix their own fruit is possible and can do it without additional referees.
  3. Russian cakes
    Rice cakes are not very small, but unfortunately as well as rolling lines or protinine. They also cause a degree of blood sugar to rise rapidly. And high levels of insulin are bad for burning fat.
  4. fruit dried
    Dry yield will be very fast away. But be aware! Anyone who carries just ten dry apricots will Floods with fructose. Better to visit new fruits as an apple.
  5. Yogurt
    It's not a fruit yogurt in a food format that will make the notes melted. Often there are small fruit, but lots of sweetness and taste builders. There is a healthy choice of natural yogurt.
  6. bottom
    It is considered that full tide is more sweet than wheat beds. But that's true? They are often not decorated with hate but the dough is colored with a shop to get darker color. So look at a high proportion of letters or rye.
  7. cheese
    Traditional strawberries such as gouda or mozzarella are considered to be the protein store, but there is not much protein in cream cheese. It also contains a lot of acidic tactics and often added sugar.

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