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This page is currently affected by this Schwamending Tulpenweg this page. Instead, the sun opens around 100 guests with a coffee cup in their hands. From time to time, an honest lorry has been drowned from the main road, the big crowd.

"The tallest set of traffic is here," crushing a gentleman in a suit of his colleague. But the traffic peak is still missing. Shortly before ten it is finally SP: Federal Advisor Simonetta Sommaruga Walk under the mountaineering crowd with their energy over the pedestrian footbridge that was introduced last December. "Hang here," chat the guests.

The tour shows the change in its surroundings in Schwamendingen: Between Schöneich and Aubrugg the road is covered. Video: Lea Blum

The reason for their high attendance is the cutting edge service for the circulation of Schwamendingen – and this is “a joke in April”, as the press message emphasizes. This is the official starting point for the main job and at the same time the innovative service for the Federal Adviser as a new Head of Environment, traffic. Energy and Communications (Uvek).

In attendance of FDP Councilor Carmen Walker Späh and Councilor Al-City Richard Wolff, she identified the project, which is today to re-establish the regional areas reunited with the Schwamendingen-Mitte and Saatlen railway. bringing together.

"I hope Schwamendingen makes a school," said Sommaruga. Tightly-based operations at other centers in Switzerland are needed. “We will bring back some nature,” she said, about the planned park.

Federal Councilor Simonetta Sommaruga: "The pressure from society is paid." Image: Jaudas Urs

By completing this busy section of the railway, the invalid condition is not completely eliminated, but it is impossible. The weight of the crowd was worth it.

"This cover is an ancient remedy," said Zurich's head of civil engineering and waste junk district, Richard Wolff (AL). "The place is bringing peace and health to the people."

Wolff spoke about a major change in the fourth. It was important for the people and building societies to be included. For example, 20 buildings would have to be demolished for surrounded. "The compression like almost any other quarter affects Schwamendingen."

Wolff places emphasis on the collaboration with the fourth bronze. Thanks also to him, he also said that he did not want to name the new Spundwand-and Lunkenweg streets, which he announced laughing. Instead, in the future, two famous Schwamendinger will produce their own (Anna Häuptli and Otto Nauer).

"Such projects need breath and suffer long," said Zurich Head of Economics Carmen Walker Späh (FDP). And so now to implement some of the patience you have to be put into action. The million-euro project is to be implemented around the end of 2024.

Replace spades with spades

The special service itself did not happen without spades. A three-green, blue-yellow band symbolized cooperation between the federal government, the cannon and the city. Without this collaboration, a project of this kind and size would not have been possible, according to Federal Roads Office (Astra).

However, the measurement should indicate that the spread of Schwamendingen has implications: this allows the regional areas, Schwamendingen-Mitte and Saatlen, which are now divided by the road, to become part of the city. T Now.

A week was to come

For a long time, the federal government, canton and the city of Zurich have been waiting for the time when they can consent to the summit of the trunk road in Schwamendingen. The building was originally set up for 2012. This was stated at the referendum in 2006, and 87 per cent of people said that it was.

Changed general approaches to negotiation, discussions of cost sharing and discussions with landowners that might affect the project. There were no expenses. T Now the 2023 summit is set to stand.

Move the slider and see the change in Schwamendingen.

The cover will cover the road over almost one kilometer with a tunnel, which should allow residents to release noise and movement. There are 120 000 cars running daily in the street. The concrete walls are installed, and a high park is built on the top, about three meters in width. The total cost is around 445 million francs.

Anyone wishing to find out about the building process can book for a guided tour of the visitor center: 60 minutes, up to 40 people, free of charge. Recording: Liaison (Saf / SDA)

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