We know about story about the Borders story and characters 3

The story of Borderlands 3 will change about two Calypso bodies and players can look forward to more than one bowl.

Much of the information was released before the game was named and confirmed by the trailer.

How much do we know about the story? At the heart of the Borders story 3 are the two priests who can be seen in the trailer: the couples Calypso Troy and Tyreen.

boundaries of 3 children in pain
One of the foundations in the "The Vault" section is shown in the trailer.

Both cultures are referred to as “the Vault Children” and have supernatural powers. The Tyreen is a sire, but even Troy uses silly skills, though he is a man.

The supporters believe that the two couples are able to steal other conditions of seizure. The reason for this lies in a trailer, in which Lillie can be seen lying on the ground without her earrings pearl. In the background, on the other hand, you can see elegant tattoos.

3 borders of lilith
Lilith lies on the ground, losing her eyebrows on her left arm.

Moreover, Borderlands 3 is not just a religion, but a few different people that you have to find. You will be supported by many different alumni.

Characters such as Tiny Tina, Moxxy and Sir Hammerlock are back in the Borders 3.

Which characters can be played? Classicly, players in the Borders 3 will be able to choose from four characters that can be played.

  • Zane kind of Borderlands Batman. He is a wealthy man who works with tools and implements. For example, it can attract and create lullabies, such as Zero in Borderlands 2
  • antiaircraft gun It's a robot that can visit different pet companions for help. In the trailer you can see it with a turf, for example. All their pets should be moved.
  • Moze who is a soldier who controls Big in Fighting. The trailer shows that other characters will be able to climb the Mech and run the machine on his back.
  • Amara the traditional hide in the team. It can call for extraordinary fairy peace to make strong physical attacks and more strict capabilities.
3 characters that can be played
From left to right: Amara, Flak, More and Zane

Each character will be able to use more than one functional ability. The original Vault Hunter, Maya, Lilith, Mordecai, Zero and Brick will also perform in the trailer, but may not be able to play.

Where does Borderlands 3 play? The main P3ora3 site is the P3PA. You may be able to visit other plans.

The trailer said that players will explore "worlds". You can see many of the environmental types, from Pandora's classic torch, to an inhospitable city.

Randy Pitchford's gear box founder also said at the PAX conference that the move to Unreal Engine enabled 4 new physics simulations:

There may be other physics and the sun and complaints can be differently determined than we have used for Pandora.

3 city boundaries

Fans show that a visit to Promethea would be the first place in Borders 3. On the planet, the Atlas armoring company has discovered foreign technology for the first time.

You can view the entire trailer here:

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