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WhatsApp users, attention! Because that error is a & # 39; threaten you to ban

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WhatsApp is part of a daily life for many people, but you can stop it from using the messenger. You should avoid this error.

Munich – whether voice or video messages, video calls or text messages are "traditional": there are virtually no restrictions on engaging with friends and scientists through WhatsApp. But what about the content of Nachrichten & Co?

WhatsApp account can be locked

The website tells that the WhatsApp account can be hanged due to specific content. What content does WhatsApp a & # 39; licensed and prohibited, specify the terms of Messenger service usage.

WhatsApp harassed threats or messages

So, for example, the dangers or messages that hate WhatsApp do not accept. Users can give other statements if they receive such messages. In addition, harassment ideas are not affected. Users should keep their hands off the fake accounts or break news stories. What many do not know: even chain letters are expressed by information. In addition, if users use viruses through WhatsApp, they may also have a fine or impediment.

WhatsApp group discussions can be very difficult for a number of reasons. The news service has now been updated and updated. For now, however, only a few users can enjoy.

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