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World Broadcasting Distribution: Janka and Roulin will cut down the hill

The Swiss World Cup team appears in Yes: The last two beginnings are in. going on in training – on the shortest route – to Carlo Janka and Gilles Roulin.

After your descendants to the female station's vehicle in Are the men turning. It is still not about medals in the last training on a hill – but for the Swiss team it is about the two open sets for the World Cup to appear on Saturday (12:30 pm). On the way, this will be shortened as both training.

The result: Carlo Janka in sixth place and Gilles Roulin in the 9th place to defend the ticket for the great World Cup appearance. The five-year Marco Odermatt (21) Nomination Youth Championship must jump over the blade. He did not allow the election to be made as 36th.

Odermatt told BLIC: "I can accept it, the other two were faster than training, so nothing has to be discussed. But it was still a great knowledge of training here."

It is clear that the Odermatt time at races should descend the world's hillbone in the future. Janka and Roulin are now coming together with our team on Saturday with her; warrior, Beat Feuz, Mauro Caviezel and Niels Hintermann.

At the same time, the best time in the main example is given by Super G World Champion Champion Dominik Paris.

The training will come from Friday

1. Dominik Paris (It) 52.54

2. Johan Clarey (Fra) +0.10

3. Brice Roger (Fra) +0.19

… also the Swiss:

6. Carlo Janka +0.27

9. Gilles Roulin +0.38

21. Mauro Caviezel +0.88

28. Beat Feuz +0.97

36. Marco Odermatt +1.01

43. Niels Hintermann +1.18

56. Sandro Simonet +1.71

63. Luca Aerni +1.83

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