"TACO", "BADBOY" and "STYLE". See motor vehicle driving signs around the islands.


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As allowed by personal car license in the summer of 2017, the response from friendly owners is not willing to wait.

In total, more than 24,000 applications are flowing with a different character mix. On the first day, more than 8500 entries were received.

The rise was so large that the Norwegian Public Roads Administration website broke down.

In the table at the bottom of the case you will find an overview of a number of car signals that do driving the Vikings.

The Ministry of Transportation and Communications has now commissioned a Public Roads Directorate to help personal features on other vehicles.

– For example, it can be separated by motorcycle and search bicycle. Here are some technical and legal ideas that must be taken.

He tells Heidi Øwre. She is the head of the Licensing and Registration of Vehicles Office in the Administration of Norway Public Roads.

– The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is currently working on this, and we accept it to be set by the end of 2019, says Secretary of State Tommy Skjervold at the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

There are only two times in the lives of people who move better in women's traffic

It can be used in Sweden and Denmark

Previously, it was only valid to use the signage in Norwegian, but last year the signage was effective in Denmark and Sweden.

– It was confirmed from Sweden and Denmark that there were no obstacles in their rules against accepting the personal characteristics of Norway. So it is not essential to include a & # 39; original species when driving in those countries, says Secretary of State.

Work has not yet been started or planned to try to open for driving with personal car signs in other countries.

– We are considering at least whether we should look at a specification here, tell Skjervold.

If you want to drive a car in other countries other than Norway, Denmark and Sweden, so you must enter your original signals.

What you do can earn is & # 39; confirm how you run, and # 39; show this statistics.

The Norwegian sent ten million more than signage

Norwegian Public Roads Administration has won millions of Vikings to seek personal car signage.

During the first year, Norway had paid over 50 million NOKs. In 2018, the revenue was much lower at around 17.5 million NOK.

The interest clearly is the biggest one in the first half of the year. No wonder, Øwre thinks.

– It was anticipated that the greatest weight would be in the beginning. Now we'll get 300 to 400 requests per month, she says.

This includes the largest Norwegian traffic, according to a recent survey

Find more signage

Torbjørn Aamodt may be one of the people who have been paying for a & # 39; Getting the signs he wants. Along with his wife he has five marks:

  • "TX" means Tesla X.
  • "ELTEMPO" is the brother of Il Amante Gigante from Flåklypa.
  • "EVE" stands for an Electric Vehicle.
  • "TREX" means Tesla Rex (king).
  • "Blue" is selected as the car is blue.

All five signals were 45,000 NOKs, but they do not lament it.

– We could pay it. We think this is fun, even though others say that this is barrier and need. You get a bit different in the population, he says and adds:

– I do not want one line for ten years. I want to be able to change my time and mood. It will take five minutes to re-register for another sign, and then just change the car. Although it does not have a very good success in personal car signage, it's a? great pleasure. That's enough for me.

But in reality it does not keep up with four signs, the car licensing stakeholders agree.

He has two new words in particular he wants: 2BB1, that is the name and IDE EL, a word game for a good electronic car.

– But I need to think about it. Four signs are running briefly, he says.

Are you angry or kind behind the wheel? You can tell you a leaflet, a & # 39; showing recent statistics.

Check out the Vikings who drive them

Of the applications submitted, only 6860 marks were awarded and paid by the applicant. Of these, 6168 are issued, but only 5362 are used on the roads.

– There may be several different reasons why the sign is still not used on the road. It is difficult to give a general response to why, which Øwre says.

On a personal car licensing plate, the signal must be at least two and seven characters at the highest, and # 39; including places.

Their most common name is their name, their last name and their own name. But among these we are searching for signs such as FLUEHUE, 2HOT4U, AQUAVIT and BIEBER.

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