Taekwondo Abbas teammate gets fifth in the Taipei World Championships


RIYADH: The Saudi Taekwondo player, Mohammed Abbas, ranked fifth among the eight best players in the 11th World Championships in Taipei from November 15, 2018.

Al-Abbas, who was in the 32nd British team tour, lost 7.15 points to 7.20, and in the last 16 of his career, Canada 6.92 gave Abbas against 6.85 for Canada.

Al-Abbas was near the base of the bronze in the eighth, but a Korean player was one of the highest players in the world in the game. The game ended at 7.38 to 6.81, and Al-Abbas makes the first Saudi player suitable for the top five in the world.

It is worth mentioning that Pomsi's foundations have to play a game; using hands and legs and the attachment in a special format on organization so that the basic elements of balance, accuracy, strength, speed and achievement are.

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