Taekwondo "Huda" brought Pomsi and Okaz the best team


Taekwondo built
Taekwondo "Huda" brought Pomsi and Okaz the best team

Taekwondo "Huda" is hosting Pomsi and Okaz The best team of Saqr News, a & # 39; announcing the Harmony, which we sent Taekwondo "Huda" to the best of the team, Taekwondo "Huda" gave us the best team and we will send you visitors News News Today through Our Saqr News & Starting with the news, Taekwondo "Huda" built Pomsi and Okaz the best team.

Saqr Al-Riyadh – Saqr News:

The Saudi Arabia Taekwondo Open Championship for Gillean, Youth and First World Warfare, and the United Kingdom Open Space Championship held with a team of 17 teams. The Al-Houda, Esperance and Summer, Al Hassan won the best player in the record and the Okaz team on the best team.

In a military art competition, the Asian Arts Center was first recorded, the national national team, the third professional fitness center, the fourth special team team, a perfect team award, and Khaled Ali, a unique player year, who won the prize for the best player in the Karouki.

At the end of the competition, the Black Flame team gave a sporting event led by her & Captain Al-Qadeer Yahya Al-Subaiwani. Board of Directors of the Saudi Taekwondo Federation chaired the Mohammad Noh Trustees Committee, judges of winners and sponsors.

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Saqr News, Taekwondo "Huda" Al-Boomsi and Okaz have been the best team, we continued on our site's social network sites to get your new news on a permanent basis.

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